I just wanna let you know.

I was at an event over the weekend, that said you shouldn’t get too excited, no elated, as that’s future projecting and you’re not present.

I would argue, that with awareness you can be present to your future projection 😉 and WHY rob yourself of the joy of feelings those feelings! That is WHY we’re here after all!

AND right now (I’ve never had a goal or agenda for this group) I’m looking at the number that keep growing organically for this group and the engagement keeps growing gradually… and I feel excited.

YES 1000 members feels like a bit of a milestone, YES it’s a ton of work for me to keep up with you guys, BUT it’s what I saw in the vision that was shown to me, rather than an EGO desire… and it’s unraveling more and more each day..

I haven’t got to connect with all of you individually yet, but I intend to (feel free to share WHY you are here!) and look forward to getting to know what you and what your gift is you’re bringing to the world
(feel free to message me, even better post in the group as many of you have been leading the way on)

I know this group is FREE and some have asked me personally WHY I do this.


I am here to SERVE

I am putting out content and giving all I can, and all I know, the content and HELP I wish I’d had access to 10 years ago.

I will always ‘leave it all on the field’ when it comes to my commitment to you

Of all the people you chose to engage with, ask questions of, trust in, you chose me…and I don’t take it lightly.

Every day I ask God/The Universe for humility, to never lose focus on who I am and what I’m here to do and to infuse me with what’s in the highest for the good of all..

USUALLY at that moment I get a download of what to put in here next 😛

I’m constantly learning, improving, adjusting and implementing myself

I am here for you
Because it’s my job
And I said yes to that commitment

All of my life I felt like an outsider looking out at the rest of the world, wondering WHY nobody saw the things the way I did..

WHO’D have thunk it, that it was because I was destined for great things..

NEWS FLASH.. YOU are too!

I never really felt home anywhere until I encountered “this world”

I want you to treat this group like it’s your home (unless your super messy! :-P)
I want you to treat everyone in here like they’re (soul) family..cause they are!!

Time to time I will miss the mark, I will get it wrong…

But The Universe will have told me to do it! JOKES 😛

Seriously though, I don’t know every step, but I will always do whatever I can with as little EGO involvement as possible to bring you what you need and ensure your success as a soul living in this human body



Thank you for being in this group, for sharing your deepest innermost parts of yourself, your gifts and for allowing all those other people in this group to know, that they’re also not alone on this often lonely journey of doing what most people in this lifetime will never have the courage to do

EMBRACING your truth.. not anyone else’s but yours

This group makes my day.

One of my friends (Lynn), some of you will know here… said that she was getting that my thing is to EMPOWER people

BANG on the money… that is what I’m here to do.

SO FORGIVE if I don’t always seem empathetic to your story, if I take 24 hours to REPLY or if I don’t give you an instant remote viewing or healing on the situation

I worked promoting speakers, coaches and healers for 5 years and saw how dis-empowered people became and how I outgrew everyone around me


Because I always tried to feel into my own truth as well as as king a ton of questions

SO know that I won’t always give you the answer your looking for, but it’s for a reason

I love you so much you have no idea.

Each time I see you grow, get an awareness, a part of you reclaimed and YOUR SOUL more in alignment with your EGO
I feel great joy and humility for the GIFT that is life.

Remember to enjoy this journey.

It’s not easy, but I promise YOU, keep having the courage to go where most humans fail to tread and it will be worth it

As always here if you need X

P.S. You don’t think like others do, you don’t see the world the way others do.
Sometimes we spend waaaaay too much time in our heads. I know how that feels. I was there once. Anyone in this group won’t judge you, won’t question your intention (unless you’re a douche.. in which case i’ll remove you 😛 with love!)
and is there for you as I am.
SO share away… and if you don’t feel comfortable I’m a PM away!

P.P.S When life gets too much, hold on! THEN post in this group and ask for assistance. Life isn’t about doing it on your own, and you won’t get very far if you attempt it that way!

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