What if you only have those dreams because God/Universe put them there?

There’s a lot made of Soul’s purpose, but if you’ve had something niggling away at you for a while and you still haven’t taken action, maybe it’s time?

It might not be what you were put on this earth to do, but the sooner you get on with it.. the sooner you’ll find out..

And maybe just maybe #TheUniverseHasYourBack, trust in what it’s doing, trust it can see your blind spots and follow the feelings that excite you most, follow the feelings that make you feel alive and if your mind is still going crazy trying to maintain control…?

Let your mind know the actions you’re about to take are just an experiment..

Tell yourself you’re going to set Action A for T amount
Of time and aim to achieve X..

And once you’ve got there in 2 weeks, a month, 3 months.. however long you told yourself you’d give the experiment everything you’ve got for… guess what?!

You’ll be closer to knowing yourself, what turns you on and a little bit closer to being everything you need to be to do whatever it is you were put here to do in this lifetime 🙏

And trust me feelings change, people will judge you… they’ll question where you’re heading in life..

But when you look back at your life, the months or years that didn’t make sense at the time… IT WILL all make perfect sense and you’ll realise that everything you did when you followed your feelings, led you to this point perfectly and serendipitously you are now loving the life you had secretly always dreamed of 😇

#SelfAwareness #SoulPurpose

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