When you believe

Yesterday was a game changer!
Since I was 5 years old, as far back as I remember I believed there was a better way…
I remember looking around me at how much people seemed to struggle and how little faith people ultimately had in things working out. My gut/intuition always led me to believe there must surely be a another way…
Fast forward to 18 years old and armed with the inheritance from my dad that to get anywhere you need to work hard.. I did exactly that.
I didn’t know what to do yet, but thought that if I had money (which seemed a problem growing up) then surely from that point I can get what I want.
Working at Wickes building supplies my mind was blown away by the acceptance of 12-18 thousand pounds a year salary.. Not only that, but employees and customers seemed to spend their days mostly complaining
It didn’t make sense to me, “there must be a better way!”
22 and I first encounter the idea that you can actually go for whatever you want in life.. I still haven’t truly discovered personal development by this point, but I meet people buying properties for no money.. Seems like a good deal right?
Did that for a few years and some things personally and in other business endeavours went terribly wrong.. “There must be another way!”
26 and my life is so f*c£ed up by this point personally that the success on the surface is counter acted by the lack of success underneath.
Fast forward a few months and while at breaking point..
I start to learn the real reasons WHY no matter how hard I could have worked things were never going to go my way!
Luckily for me I always had an insatiable drive and energy, driven mostly by what I’d felt growing up and my quite young awareness around how people showed up.. Coupled with my gut, (let’s call it my soul).. I always knew deep down there must be another way
I took ACTION (not always smart!)
…or DID I?
I had an unwavering faith YES that things would work out in the end and in myself to find that, BUT did I have a knowingness that what I was currently doing was going to lead me to results?
Past failures, unconscious decisions growing uP AND refuting God and the Universe had let me to a place that although I felt there must be another way and that things would surely work out in the end, I was missing the key component that I needed to succeed.
BELIEF in what or whom I hear you cry?!
YOUR self
Now imagine if everything you wanted to achieve you had a true knowingness that it would happen. 100% every cell in your body believed that what you were setting out to achieve would happen?
How would you act differently?
How would you show up differently in relationships? Would you open your heart trusting in whatever shows up is meant to be?
How would your actions in your work/business be different? Would you take inspired action rather than baby steps?
If you knew that you were going to change your lifestyle and not just “do” a diet, might you get more success and actually have more chance of seeing it through?!
Of course you would!
NOW I’m not saying this is easy to do.. Past failings, past decisions, hurts, agreements, vows.. They’ve all had their impact which means that part of your brain which is responsible for keeping you safe (and ultimately alive) will always do its best to stop you from getting to where you want to get.
BUT there’s a hack.. (Can’t believed I just said that :-p)
There’s a way of infusing yourself with that Belief quicker and faster then any book you can read..
BELIEVE in something bigger than YOU
Know that you are here as a soul living a human experience
Know that every “challenge” that is showing up is there as an opportunity to grow, heal, learn or all three at once!
Know that with the right INTENTION, taking inspired action and working to release those parts of you that you haven’t acknowledged yet, those decisions, those hurts.. That stop you showing up as 100% YOU…
Then you will get your hearts desire (if it truly is your own hearts desire)
You will get to know happiness, peace of mind and ultimately feel that inspiration every day as you live your souls purpose
This message goes out to all the people who are feeling like life isn’t working the way it “should” be, to any one of you that feels like it’s all too much right now..
It does get better, it does get easier.. Hold on and believe that you are made.. NO destined for more than you are currently living and trust that there are people out there who are looking to help you, willing to guide you
It took me many years to sift through the riff raff off courses, coaches and “gurus” who ultimately threw me off course from my purpose…
Or WAs it all part of the plan? 😉
So have faith that there are other people out there, good people, people willing to help, people who know how it feels to have been through what you’ve been through
make a pledge to yourself that when you find that knowingness in yourself that you can achieve anything that you help those who are going through what you are currently going through
Last night I had a conversation with one of those people.. He’s one of the good ones.
What he told me will change how successful an aspect of my business is forever
But without the belief that what he told me is possible, that I can do it, that if I do the steps he told me to do are achievable, that I can trust his judgement and word as much as I trust myself
It would have delayed the destiny and the shoes my soul is ultimately looking to fill

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