What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.. (aside from sharing with my Experiential Healing guys)


All my life I wanted to travel and have adventures..

As a kid with my soft toys, with my Lego, with the pots on pans.. whatever I was playing with, it would digress within a sentence or 2 to, something along the lines to do with having an adventure

I EVEN called my bear explorer bear and created a song around his adventures..

THEN life happened

I got into buying property, making money and always doing what I thought I “should”

I wanted my parents to be proud of me on some unconscious level

I wanted to pay off my parents house so they wouldn’t have to struggle anymore

I wanted to do “the right thing” year after year before I could then do I wanted to do….

BUT you know, I got asked this question recently in my Facebook group “Self Awareness with Duke”….

“How do you know if something is a program or if it’s something innate to who you are?”


1) Does that program serve you? Maybe people are saying you “should” be a certain way… but maybe for now it works for you

2) Is that program bringing up any negative feelings?

3) Is it a soul or ego program that’s coming up to be released? (I go into more detail on this in a video I posted in Self Awareness with Duke Facebook group)

WHATEVER THE Reason, know that when a program is bubbling up in your energy to be released, it’s always the most perfect divine timing

I always wanted to go travelling, but had I gone 10 years ago..
I wouldn’t have gotten even 1% of the transformations and learnings I got on this trip.
I came over from Majorca on a complete gut whim feeling and after just 2 days I stopped counting the synchronicities and serendipitous moments..

My journey, your journey and all those other people you watch on snapchat, instagram and here.. doing their thing.. whatever it is.

It’s right for them.. this trip was right for me…

BUT I never would have gotten the upgrades and learning’s had I not followed my gut


There is no right or wrong time to do anything in life..

ONLY the right time for YOU

AND if you keep acknowledging your feelings.. listening to that inner gut feeling that tells you to go west rather than east

YOU WILL get everything you are supposed to get at any given moment that your SOUL and EGO will love


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