Whatever you’re procrastinating over..
QUICK TIP: As you go to bed tonight. Ask whatever energies you believe in (Angels, Guides, Healing team…) and that can also be your subconscious mind..
AND ask to dissolve those parts of you that don’t feel good enough.

** Write down what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. Keep it simple. 1-3 things, but I’d advise for now, just one thing to do at the beginning of your day. **

NOW ask your body, mind and spirit:

To infuse you with ideas and the inspired action (while you sleep) ready for the morning.
Then set the intention with your body and mind to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle before your alarm goes off.

NOW watch as you will wake up feeling refreshed rather than shocked out of sleep.

Look at your list, or even better your “one thing” and get it done!

FEAR OF failure, success, judgement, lack, abandonment… it all comes down to ONE THING

“SHIT does that mean I’m not good enough then?”

AND ultimately the little boy, girl feels we’re not good enough to be loved.

AND you can still feel those fears, but know that the first step is truly the hardest.

Do it in the morning before your day has chipped away at your willpower AND if you fail a few mornings, it’s cool.
Be kind to yourself, dust yourself off and take that next step.

UNTIL eventually you’ve taken so many steps you can’t remember where you started from.

Here if you need x


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