VIRGO NEW MOON… what’s it all about and how you can take advantage of its effects….
….there’s a reason that I’ve been intuitively guided to check in with my health practices!

August 21st’s Solar Eclipse was to make bold, confident changes that lead to long-term success for the next 6 months, making sure your intentions were clear and in tune…

Today’s New Moon is about adapting how those intentions and goals have started to unravel. The new moon being opposite Chiron means you may need to adjust your plans or expectations in response to your deepest and most painful wounds that have been bubbling up over the last few weeks (or days!!).

Other than the usual protocols after a new moon, here’s some twists with it being in Virgo.


Virgo brings up increased awareness and want from our body to cleanse and eat more food that serves it. What food does your body want? Ask it..

Virgo impacts digestion.. so pay attention to what food is passing through and making you feel light and those foods that have the opposite effect.
Checking in with your gut is even more prevalent a requirement with the Virgo new moon.

Set a clear intention on making a positive health change that your body asks for. Don’t add too many things to do, but ask your body, what is the one thing that can aid the most in your being connected to your body and it’s intuition.


After the intensity (aka shitsotorm) that was the Mercury retrograde, this new moon marks the end of a retrograde shadow period, meaning Mercury is back in action.
Be sure to reflect on all that has happened in the last few weeks and notice all the energies that have come to pass and come to an end as a result. I especially noticed this around 5th September!

Notice major chapters in your life that have come to an end and let go of any attachments, decisions etc.. still linked to them.


New Moon in Virgo,is an amazing energy to dedicate an hour.. or even better a day of alone time to see what your intuition is calling out for.


Virgo may bring up the energy of perfectionism and self-doubt, so give extra awareness to being kind to yourself as likely awareness of your deepest wounds may be bubbling up to allow you reach your long-term goals.. but be kind to yourself as it may be that some adjustments to your goals are required… and that’s ok too!

You may have feelings bubbling up such as: depression, loss of confidence, cynicism, failure expectations, feeling like a victim, projecting your shit onto others, loss of will..

Be kind to yourself and trust in the process!


As usual.. the next 2 weeks are the golden time to “get shit done” and smash your goals for the month, knowing that the assistance of the moon and the universe are behind you…

New Moon Virgo however, adds some extra dynamics..

Virgo brings in an extra edge for planning and organising..

So de-cluttering where you’ve failed before… analysing and writing out to do lists and actually achieving them may now be a possibility with this new energy behind you!

Be kind to yourself, with whatever is bubbling up first and foremost 🙂

tools and amazing people to help with all of the above in my Facebook group “Self Awareness with Duke”

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