This morning I woke up in a foul mood. Now for me that isn’t the normal. I believe if you wake up in any space other than feeling aamzing to be alive then something needs addressing.

Last night I was doing some remote work on someone who was giving a cliwnt issues and experienced a panic attack first hand as that’s what was going on in this persons energy and in that moment I needed to understand how his need for validation was helping to keep my client where she was.

During the night without my permission:-p my higher self then went on to do more work that was required. That’s fine. It was in the highest, but when I woke up I felt tired and grumpy.

Now I’m not a huge fan of state changing, as without acknowledging the reasons why you feel a certain way, I believe you’re always going to be fighting fires in different areas of your life till your EGO gets what your soul wants you to know

So I spent the first half hour of waking tracing all my feelings and doing some breathwork to see what needed acknowledging

By the time I left the house I felt tons better and the clarity of what I needed to change pulses through me, cause even though I was doing some 3rd party remote client work, I know enough to know that if it’s affected me energetically in any way then there’s something in me that I’m yet to learn

How do you know that you’ve acknowledged all that there is to acknowledge…?

How do you feel?

And by the time I saw the skyline over the street in the picture I felt bliss at beautiful it was, even if to be honest it isn’t the nicest skyline ever lol

I didn’t try and fake it or smile till I felt better…. I just released that which was stopping me from feeling that natural state

If you’re feeling anything but peace, joy, love THEN be courageous, be honest with yourself… if you can’t embrace the darkness then how the hell do you expect to live in states that of joy without faking it

Here’s some quick steps to embracing whatever is truly going on for you

1. Ask your body, your inner voice how you truly feel

2. Consciously breathe as you ask that question and notice if your breath isn’t anywhere above your belly

3. However you truly feel, ask: who does this belong to? When did I start feeling this way? What age of me feels this way?
And see if anything pops up in your awareness

4. Embrace whatever shows up and acknowledge the beliefs, the feelings, the emotions, manifestation, EGO dichotomy, internal dialogue and the actions you have been playing out

5. Surround yourself with like minded courageous people like those in my Facebook group “self awareness with duke” that know feelings are the whispers of your soul, not something to afraid of like so much of the personal development world would have you believe

P.s. know that any feelings that your experiencing is a gift and is showing up for a reason. The quicker you embrace it, the sooner your life can change with the wisdom and expansion in consciousness you experience

Have awesome day and if all else fails start conscious breathing every day 3 times per day and notice how you start to notice more of what is going on in your world

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