After my talk on Saturday at Shamonis PMV, people were asking me what steps they could use to “see” more.
Then yesterday after spending the day with my daughter, myself and Dilara had a coaching session with a couple. During that session without going into detail one of the couple had a healing and got to see the immense power in their heart.

And that is the secret! You want to be more on purpose, you want to learn quicker (integrate quicker) and “see” more… use the infinite power of your heart.

In modern day society we try to think our way out of challenges… and we hit a limit of what our mind can do.

Feel your way through challenges, feel the way your soul wants you to go… and despite the programs running in your mind telling you “it’s not going to work, you need to work harder, longer, you don’t know enough”, you will get there (with the assistance of the universe) infinitely quicker by using the power laying dormant in your body.


The main thing you can do is to remain in question, but question your body/heart.
Breathe deeply into your body, then ask the question “how does this feel to me?” “Where in my body do I feel this?”

Then be silent and wait for answers/images to pop up for you..

it takes practice but it’s the starting point to connecting with that part of you that for so long you’ve been ignoring!

I did write out a long list then realised I’m going to have to do a video on this! 😉

#HeartPower #Grace

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