Hey spiritual gangsters. Anyone who came to one or both days over the weekend will know it was truly something special. Saturday I loved seeing so many new faces and Sunday we dove real deep and cleared some powerful shit. Duke you really do just keep taking it to the next level 💪🏻

Here’s the poem I whipped up and shared at the end of the second day to describe the ups and downs of an epic weekend! 🤗


All fired up for a weekend of fun
No time outside – and forget the sun
Day 1 felt big, the crowds were in sight
And our blessed crew, all dressed in white

It didn’t look culty, like we thought it might be
Duke wasn’t Moses, parting the Red Sea
The souls were all ready, or so they thought
Members with family & friends that they’d bought

Things escalated quickly, as they always do
Tears started flowing, but laughter too
Much was shared, and people opened up
The meditation was lovely and filled up our cup

By the end of the day, new members had signed
To a life of program shifting, they were now resigned
It sounded like fun, this Sayer method game
Non-attachment and ascension now their number 1 aim

But day 2 now dawned & off we set
To back up the learnings and growth that we’d get
Intentions were set and programs were shared
It went for so long as souls were bared

Tummies started rumbling, waiting for breathwork
Excitement in the air, I could almost twerk!
We lay down in wait, jokes galore
Beam me up Scotty! I’m ready to board!

But the ride wasn’t cute or easy or fun
The pain came up quick and I wanted to run
Tears and tantrums and needing to pee
Just from some breathing, how could this be???

The newbies were plunged into the deep end at once
Wondering if what they’d signed up for was all a bit much
But persist we did and “stayed with the breath”
Sadness was leaving and it felt like a death

But happy endings are always the way
More to be done before calling it a day
Jude made a game, called the human knot
My arm was attached – but Yolanda forgot!

Then we had circle time and more things were shared
Truths and rawness as secrets were bared
The group bonded well with love and grace
It felt so connected to be in that space

New friends were made and insights gained
BIG integrations we all attained
The day turned woowoo but was over in speed
# hashtag STANDARD we all agreed 

Written by Amber Farrington 

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