What’s been coming up for you with the Summer Solstice?
You are more in tune with nature, the planet and the cosmos then you realise.
No coincidence these frogs were making their journey to adulthood yesterday.
Nature knows what it’s doing!
It’s us humans that try and reinvent the wheel and fuck it up for ourselves!
Get in flow with nature and The Universe and watch how life flows with you and for you
Use the steps below to start give birth to the new you post summer solstice..
First of all you need to create space for that to happen 😉
1. Be kind to yourself
2. Be in Nature. 30mins – an hour a day take time out for yourself
3. Infuse yourself with your purpose (how to in my group “self awareness with duke”)
4. Use the One Thing Mediation (also in my group)
Incorporate journaling and write down all the things you think you are or should be doing and let it go before doing the meditation
5. Use mirror work to grow through whatever is showing up for you right now
6. Use forgiveness every day!
Any of the above you don’t know how to do, search for “self awareness with duke” in the search bar above and ask to join my group and you’ll find all of the above in the pinned post in the group 😇
Give it 2 weeks of this and you’ll be out the other side of this upgrade

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