Are you scared of being judged?
HAVE YOU EVER had people say shit about YOU and it hurt?
It’s cool, I get it. It’s a form of rejection, from the norm, from the pack, from the a place of uncertainty with less safety..
I’ll show YOU how to let that go of that in just a few minutes…
There’s something amazing that you have, that so few of your ancestors and any other animal on this planet had…
Now I’m going to tell you some things you already know in the next few lines:
YOU ARE connected to everything and everyone
EVERYTHING you need to feel “complete” and reconnected to source is within YOU
NOBODY truly knows how it feels other than YOU to walk in your shoes
Our ego from the age of 0 – 6 is desperately assigning meanings to everything it encounters.. and it’s amazing. It keeps us safe. It STOPS us from picking up the hot kettle every day and burning ourselves every time..
It also STOPS us from seeing the forest for the trees when a lack of awareness is the go to way of being
The true crisis in our world is not social, political or economic, our crisis is a crisis of consciousness. An inability to recognise our true nature. An inability to recognise this true nature in everyone and in every thing.
I could harp on, but I don’t need to.. I know you get it.. so I’m going to give you some reprieve..
YOU HAVE A CHOICE that so many before you haven’t had
YOU CAN CHOOSE to seek awareness of yourself and others.
YOU CAN SEEK to understand WHY others show up the way they do and WHY your life is reflecting back at YOU the way it is
A while back there were some people and a person in particular saying stuff about me.
THE ONE disadvantage at being “psychic” is getting to hear what people think and say about you without them knowing you get to hear it 😛
BUT it also has it’s advantages.
YOU get to hear just how off people’s thinking is.
YOU GET great insight as to how people think and WHY they think it.
NOT ONLY that, I get the amazing opportunity to work on myself with any threads of awareness where they might have a point…
It also just helps with my passion for deciphering truth in essence!
WHEN I get to know someone’s judgement of me though, I send them love, I send them blessings as I know it’s only coming from one of 2 places..
1. JUDGEMENT of parts of themselves they see in you
2. FEAR of the parts in them, you might be able to see
EVEN…When I speak on stage, I’ll often hear people’s internal dialogue saying things like “What gives him the authority to talk about this?”
BUT it doesn’t waiver me, rock me or bother me in any way…
BECAUSE I KNOW MYSELF and I’ve acknowledged any equivalent thoughts that might believe it to be true
It’s that simple.
If YOU FEEL any hurt from someone’s opinion of YOU, there is either part of YOU to be acknowledged/addressed/accepted
There’s part of YOU that believes it… (which again is the above in a different form)
So WHEN YOU judge another, I want you to catch yourself and do the following things
1. STOP.. pay attention to what you’re currently thinking and feeling
2. BE KIND to yourself. Everyone has judged or judges people at one point or another
3. Ask “What parts of me that I haven’t acknowledged/accepted am I seeing in him/her?”
4. Acknowledge where that part of you, you don’t overly like comes from and realise the decision your EGO made on how life “should” be, how you or other people “should” be from here on in
5. See the gift that this program has given you, by living life this way and what amazing part of yourself you are set to embrace as a result
NOW when you feel judged it’s a very similar protocol… as shown below in someone’s judgement I experienced toward me
After a break up of a relationship, I had a lady who knew us both, call me up.
Now I ended the relationship for a myriad of reasons, but my primary reason was the lack of ownership on the other parties side for how she was showing up. Now of course this is my co-created reality and once I had realised the reasons WHY she was showing up in my reality and integrated the lessons, I was out as it wasn’t a nice time at all lol
REMEMBER, everything is showing up in your life for a reason! AND this conversation was no different.
“Go on” I said
“Duke I can’t believe you! How could you?”
“I won’t believe anything that comes from your mouth, how could you do this to her!”
She was filled with anger, hate and hurt.
I can’t remember the exact conversation now, but I felt so much emotion come up.
It wasn’t a great time, I was on my way to an appointment, I was in a massive rush and I was now crying. I had only answered the phone as I thought she must be needing something.
I had helped this lady above the call of duty with her healing business and her personally…
and given some of the things she had going on her life, I had shown her nothing but “no judgement”
AND now here she was accusing me and filled with ill feeling towards me.. she didn’t even ask “how are you?”
I felt unheard and whole host of things.. but when I asked questions (as above) to get to the point of creation.. I realised the pain feeling, was the feeling of having tried to help this lady so much and now she was throwing it back in my face.
SO I asked:
1. “When did I first feel this feeling?”
Shit… with my mum
2. “What was happening in that situation?” I tried to be there for her, be her emotional husband… tried to help her with life decisions and all she ever had was resent towards me
3.So now I go back to the first time I felt the same emotion and had the same thoughts/decision patterns that my ego had instilled, so that I don’t have to feel the pain so much in future… and..
4. BOOM. The feeling went.
The lady carried on saying stuff.
I had relelased the feelings while I still on the phone to her. AND was now perfectly fine to go about my day and meet my next client.
AND when I felt the girl in question continued to say a lot of stuff that wasn’t true (to people who still now judge me from afar :-P) , that came from her own judgement, fears and programs in her life… BUT ALSO
and even with that.
It hurt at first.
I’d helped this girl so much.
Upped her game no end, helped her release programs and taken a lot of shit from her (and of course we are mirrors, she helped me a ton also and took shit from me!)
The feeling that she was saying one thing publicly and behind the scenes another… simply came from the parts of my life that I hadn’t integrated at a deeper level.
I’d been there before with that feeling of betrayal and untruths from someone close too.
AND as soon as I released/acknowledged those thoughts, decisions and feelings.
I then felt nothing for what was being said or WHO might be judging me..
It is that simple.
AND YOU know that some of those people will read this no doubt. You’ll no doubt make connections and assumptions.
BUT remember…
It’s not personal.
Everything is within US!
AND ANYTHING THAT is showing up in your life is an opportunity to
and get to
Everyone is on their own journey. Anyone who has done any wrong unto you, was simply running their own fear/ego based programs.
It’s not their fault and it’s not yours. BUT
YOU HAVE THE POWER to take responsibility for everything that is showing up in your life and for everything that you feel at any given moment
You have the choice to either, let bygones be bygones. Or hold onto that resent, that pain, that judgement as if holding onto it is actually going to change something! It won’t. Decide now to choose LOVE. It’s not personal it never was, we are blind mice fumbling round in a maze called life.. be kind to yourself and others.. they are doing their best! We are all connected X
BTW Did I mention it’s not personal?! 😛
Here as always if you need x

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