WOW what a Full Moon! Here’s what you might be experiencing! 😛
We’ve come to the end of the Solar Eclipse/New Moon/Retrograde and this month is just back to back aka “Shit coming up for you month”
Anyway…the energy of the Solar Eclipse will be with us until February 2018, but this full moon is known as “The Harvest Moon” as traditionally as the name suggests it was the half way point to harvest the crop.
With full moon falling on Pisces, we’re being invited into our subconscious and and as such is bringing us into our depths of ourselves.
I know we always say that! BUT even more than usual.. you might be noticing parts of your EGO around emotions and your identity popping up like crazy! 😉 #YourWelcome – The Universe
1. A Pisces Full Moon helps us by having our true intentions highlighted to us, whether we like it or not!
The key in the coming 2 weeks is to be aware of your EGO and intentions as often as possible and adjust them when you realise that your intentions came from a place of fear/lack etc…
2. You may be having extra intense and heavy realisations coming through in dreams… that’s the extra psychic boost of Pisces. Ask away and you may get more knowingness and intuitive answers than your’e used to! Take advantage of this energy.
3. During the solar eclipse the emotions and communication challenges were high. Now you may find with the energy of the 6th September being very much an end of a road energy… You may have noticed things coming to an end on the business or personal front… that’s cool too.. awareness is key.
The mercury has only just shifted out retrograde, so be kind to yourself if you’re still feeling emotions are high at the end of something… or the decision to end something.
4. Learn to be kind to yourself for once and take a chill as often as you can and at least once per day some me time! It’s in these silences that the awareness will flood in, helped by the extra intuitive nudge from Pisces.
5. This full moon I feel is mostly about seeing and feeling your true self. So embrace feelings that you’re not used to feeling. Maybe they’re more of who you truly are then you currently realise 😉
P.S. If you could only do one thing and one thing only… take time out every day… have most or all of Saturday off.. be in nature. Chill.. write… and notice what thoughts come up for you in those quiet moments…

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