In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke I talk about retreats and the importance of them. I’m not just talking about those retreats where you’re up at 0600 each morning to do yoga and juicing all day. Yeah they’re great but I’m referring to retreating from everyday life, often.


If you were to ask the top entrepreneurs when they get their million dollar ideas, they will tell you that they were sat on a beach somewhere or in a restaurant. There is so much truth to this, the golden time for creating is in those down times, where you take time out for yourself. For those of you that train, you know that it’s not when you’re in the gym that the transformation occurs, it’s when you’re resting. Yes being in the gym is important but this is just the instigation for the growth that takes place when your body is resting.


In the industry of personal development and business you will always see videos and testimonials about the hard work that was put in to achieve something but you won’t see the down time they take.


So my invitation to you is… If things aren’t flowing in your business, not quite working out the way you want focus on adding some down time. Not in a way of ‘I feel lazy today so I’ll take some time out now’ but actually schedule it in. This can also improve how much work you get done in a day as your ego will know that on X day you’re going to be doing Y for Z amount of time.


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