What is it that you’re waiting for, for you to go after your dreams?


What I mean by this is we have all played that game at some point. “When I get my laptop I’ll start writing my book” is something I heard once. Which logically doesn’t make any sense, as you don’t need a laptop to start writing a book. The statement is a guise of a program that she’s running subconsciously. In this particular lady’s case, she could use hers kids laptops, her smartphone as there are a ton of apps now for your phone, or you could even use pen and paper. Yeah those things still exist guys!


So ask yourself what goals, aspirations and desires are you putting off, and waiting for another domino to fall, before you take action?


What if you doing what you want to do now prompts what you’re waiting for to follow?


Of course, being mindful and responsible in the process and always asking how you feel; and what you want in that moment. I invite you to become aware of the internal chatter you have and realise when you’re not doing what you really feel like doing.


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Enjoy the show!

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