I’ve always believed, from about the age of 5, that there was more to life that what I saw in my surroundings. I looked at my parents, their friends, adults at school and saw that life didn’t look as fun as it ought to be. Looking at those around me life seemed like it was much more of a struggle than it needs to be. So on today’s podcast I talk about beliefs and how your beliefs can help you rise or crush your dreams.


When I was 18 and working in Wickes I decided that I was going to work all the hours under the sun and make as much money as I could. I didn’t have any drive to do anything or attain any material things, go traveling or drive a nice car, have lots of sex, no; these thoughts weren’t in my awareness. I just knew that if I wanted to make a difference that I would need a lot of money.


By the time I was 22 I had worked so hard and achieved success in the property business but then it all came crashing down. My property business went under, business partners had swindled me out of tens of thousands of pounds, and I cheated on my girlfriend. I felt crushed inside, after years of hard work, it was all gone.


Looking at my life at that point I looked my intentions and actions but they were good, so what was it that was missing here? I then came to realise what that something was… I didn’t believe there was a higher power.


Do you believe in a higher power?


Now before you get all bible bashing or proclaim atheism on me, hear me out. I’m not saying you have to believe in Gods or a particular God, I’m not saying you have to believe in one source, one consciousness; etc; but then ask yourself this:


Do you always believe in yourself 100% every minute of every day?


Do you believe that you would live your life differently if you did?


I had refuted God, refuted The Universe in prior years and the only thing left to believe in was myself. Which at that point, with a string of failures and success… mainly failures though 😛 , didn’t look too good either.


Do you believe that belief in yourself is enough?


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Enjoy the show!

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