Now I’m usually an early bird and find that my sweet spot for waking up is 0500. However, this morning I woke up around 3/4 hours later. Have you ever had one of them mornings where you get up in this zombie like fashion, there’s dribble sliding down your face all over your pillow and you ain’t got a clue where you are?


Yeah I had one of those mornings.


So in this podcast I’m going to talk about dreams. Just to set the tone, let’s define what a dream is. A dream is our subconscious mind normally accessing different parts of our mind, expressing different parts of our mind, searching, analysing thought forms, worries, parts of ourselves we haven’t acknowledged; and the list goes on. This is just one instance, when you dream you could also be lucid dreaming. Meaning that you are conscious and present within the dream, thought forms, constructs; etc. You could also be astral travelling, where your energy body leaves your physical body and go off to other dimensions, planes of reality, other realms or even different lifetimes. And if that wasn’t enough to get up to whilst you get some shut eye, you could also be having future projections. So dreams about things that are yet to happen and other people.


With all that said, if you’re having dreams and you’re feeling confused or worried, don’t fret because you will not be given anything you can’t handle for one. Two, anything you are experiencing, you are able to interpret.


I believe that the quickest way to understand your dreams and what they mean to you isn’t via the internet as this won’t necessarily be personal to you and often is wrong. But to first of all have a journal where you write down all your dreams first thing in the morning. Secondly write down how you felt and how you feel right now; you’ll likely still have flashes of images and remember a little more.


The more you do this, the more you’ll feel the difference between being in a past life, astral travelling, exploring thought forms; etc. The next thing is, do a ton of breath work. I recommend at least 15 minutes a day of Pranayama Breath Work and by doing so you will find it easier to lucid dream, astral travel and rest your awareness in your dreams. And if you can keep following the feeling you will be able to interpret the dream for what it is and figure out what it means to you.


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