#WooWooAdventures Past lives, Vikings and why everything that shows up for reason. What happens in Dominican Republic stays in Dominican Republic

I saw an ad on Facebook for the Dominican Republic, then minutes later on the tube home..
Then I was asking myself where I could go to get some sun and headed on over to my favourite deals website… You guessed it.. the first place that flashes across the screen is the Dominican Republic… OK I get it Universe 😂

So the flight wasn’t as intense as it could have been.. the bus waiting to pick us Brits up was uneventful.. and the holiday reps a joy.

Never done all inclusive before, more of a backpacker… danf days go by without much event.. Aside from lots of business lessons as I’m unable to connect to the internet and other communication joys..

THEN.. by the 4th day I’m noticeably bitten to pieces and I’ve got a stomach bug taboot.
“Have you used coconut oil?” A local girl assures me..
“yes I have”
“Have you tried alcohol? The flies and mosquitos don’t like it” she says in a Spanish accent

“Yes I have and nothings changed”

I’m covered from head to toe with 100s of bites and visiting the toilet every 30 mins or so..

Great for weight loss  not so great for sleep.

So after 2 nights of sleep I figure it’s showing up for a reason..


So I ask how it feels..

“Like my skin is on fire”

I connect with the energy and it takes me back to me as a Viking on this very Island.

I’m burning down the villagers houses..

ALL Except ONE

I’m standing in front of a small straw covered hut

I then ask to be taken to the next significant scene


I’m with the other Vikings

My boss is pissed off that I didn’t do what I was supposed to do

I then get flashes of a girl id met on the Island. Her father was wise and so was she. She showed me the ways of plants, the earth and taught me about the ways of the world..
It was a completely different way of being…as a Viking I only knew war as a way to reaching the afterlife

The decision I made? That I was going to live my life differently if there is such a thing as reincarnation

The Vikings have now bound the girl and have doused me in alcohol
They put me inside the house I was supposed to have burnt to the ground – my skin is on fire

One of the locals shoots me with an arrow from distance and I feel peace wash over me. It felt like unconditional love of which I’ve never experienced before, despite what we’d done to them they still showed me mercy.


That night (we’re back in present day now) despite still being covered in 100 of bites.. I slept like a log all night with no more bites during the night and my stomach bug left me within the next day.

Of course there was a ton of other lessons and integrations and decisions within this process… but something so simple as being bitten to piwces in a hot climate…. what if everything that shows up in your life is trying to teach or get you to remember something

What if…? 


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