How often does the fear STOP you?

Stop you from living and sharing THE GIFT of who you truly are with the world….

When I first saw an X-Men film I 17 years old. I distinctly remember thinking “Woooooow that would be so cool! Imagine if this film was somehow based on real life”

NEWS FLASH… it is!!!

****************************** ******************************************

Straight after my Facebook live, I had my first online course teaching a group of people on how to do what I do.

The question came up: “Duke, how can we know what we see or feel is true? How do you know?”

This is what I said:

“Imagine the experience you had tonight on this call, the healing we did, how Stephen (name changed) had his relative show up the way they did, now imagine you’ve seen that 1000 times? Now imagine you’ve had 100’s of ‘crazier’ more ‘out there’ experiences then that?”


When I started this journey I only had one aim in all honesty. To heal my body. I was in so much pain every day and something told me that the Dr’s and “experts” diagnosis that I shouldn’t train or exercise much, if at all for the rest of my life just wasn’t an answer.

Luckily from my experiences or maybe from my soul (who knows?! I feel both!) I’d always been a truth seeker. I spent 12 years searching for the truth.

The TRUTH of why I had no confidence and couldn’t speak what was going on inside my mind.

The TRUTH as to WHY I was sexually abused and experienced some things I wouldn’t wish on an enemy.

The TRUTH as to WHY I felt so little feelings.

The TRUTH as to WHY I had more back pain than someone in their 80’s every day.

The TRUTH of WHY I couldn’t forgive my mum.

WHAT I FOUND though, after exploring everything that was in front of me, with nothing but the intention to find the truth was, the world of “energy”.

********************************** ****************************************


I received a message from someone who was pissed off that I’d had the audacity to
A) Do a FB live as a man on abortion and
B) Talk about such sensitive topics within the conditions of a live video.

In all fairness, LAST NIGHT was the most intense FB Live I’ve ever done.

I could see around 50 soul’s that were affected and showing up to be acknowledged/released as part of what I was talking about.

I could feel people’s pain. Anger. Unacknowledged feelings, towards what had happened in their life, to themselves and even a few people to me…

AND that’s perfectly OK.

***************************************** *********************************

12 YEARS OF PAIN, led me to this place.

12 YEARS of searching for an answer.

If whatever you are doing currently is working for you, then keep doing that. Abortion isn’t the problem. Rape, sexual abuse, physical/emotional abuse isn’t the problem. Divorce, terrorism, governments aren’t the problem.


I know from the clients I see regularly that there are too many men and women in this world WHO wake up every day, a part of themselves. A piece of YOU missing 🙁

Not embracing your feelings because it hurts too much.

YES of course on a soul level an abortion can be the perfect journey and part of a perfect plan.

BUT I Know for you reading this, whatever has happened in your life, if there’s something showing up in your life and you haven’t dealt with your abortion or trauma of any other kind, by embracing it with 2 hands and asking

“What is the gift in this?”

“What did this teach me?” or “What lesson am I yet to embrace?”

THOSE FEELINGS you have, where there’s something niggling, all the way to; you can’t get out of bed in the morning….

THAT’s NOT a condition, or a freak disease, or “DEPRESSION”

THAT’s JUST that you haven’t embraced YOU yet!

I wasn’t looking for, what I now feel to be my true. I was just looking for my own truth.

IF YOU are feeling fine. You wake up out of bed super happy and genuinely in love with yourself and the world, keep doing what you’re doing,

BUT… for me..

I was merely seeking my own truth and the answers to WHY.

YOU COULD say the energy world found me.

AND if you feel any kind of negative emotion towards anything or anyone.

KNOW THAT you have parts of YOU, you’re yet to embrace.


WHO knows what might show up.

You can only know when you get there.

I didn’t ask to see Angels, spirits, earth bound souls, dead people, ghosts and everything in between. I’ve always approached these “things” with a skeptical view.. and it served me as I didn’t become one of those spiritual people who doesn’t live in the real world


Everything happens for a reason.


Everything and anything that happened to YOU wasn’t a freak “accident”.

There was/is a reason it happened.

AND you may not see the gift in it yet, until many months/years later when you look back.

BUT the sooner you can access your feelings, feel into what is truly going on and what you’re not acknowledging.



AND maybe just maybe

If you do have some gift

AN EPIC destiny/reason for being here

Something profound to share with the world

The Universe will assist you with the right tools, “Gifts” maybe even a crazy soul family 😉 to help you along the way

so that YOU can help and seek out

ALL THOSE other soul’s on this planet and the next

THAT KNOW how it feels to feel what you’ve felt


with your unique gifts and experiences


To wake up each day, closer to who they truly are.


In X-Men you see in every film, “The Hero’s Journey”. The reluctant character that doesn’t want his/her superpower and the internal struggle that goes on, to finally embracing the hurt, the people they’ve hurt,, the people who have hurt them..

THEN what happens?

They finally embrace who they truly are and save the day!

In many ways you’re no different… except for one thing.

You are starting to remember the truth of who you are and you’re starting to remember that on a soul level you asked for all the experiences that you were born into…

You have more wisdom then the X-Men characters!! You have more knowledge of the truth then Professor X himself! 😛


What are you waiting for?

“FEEL THE FEAR” and have the courage to go there anyway. Embrace those parts of YOU, you have tried to forget.. and..

START sharing more of YOU with the world.

Here as always, if you need X

P.S. If you or anyone you know has powers like Wolverine, feel free to private message me and connect us so I can get my beliefs shifted even more so than what I thought was possible and while I’m at it, I’ll integrate the unacknowledged feelings in him and sort out his anger issues 😛

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