What’s your One Thing you’re going to differently this year?
The problem with most people is they get all excited (of course not you! :-P), set some new years eve goals set and then life kicks in.
Your brain is there to keep you safe, your job is to let it know peace by peace that it’s ok to go for more.. NOTHING bad will happen!
It’s that simple.
So do yourself a favour, this year, just set yourself One Thing that you’re going to focus on improving/changing.
AND of course there will be goals and tasks most likely to achieve that change, but for now, just ask yourself;
“How do I want to feel in a years time?”
“What’s the One Thing that will contribute the most to that being achieved in a years time?”
AND your brain may freak out… bring up fears, tell you why it can’t happen blah blah blah
but it’s your job to notice your internal dialogue… to chat to that inner voice… and let it know that it’s just an experiment… nothing more, nothing less.. and only for a short time..
A week, 2 weeks.. a month… it doesn’t matter.
AND once you’ve smashed that.. then set it for another 2 weeks..
AND before you know it, your brain will have rewired your neural pathways as something that is in your benefit rather than something that takes you away from safety..
New habit formed No1!
Then guess what?!
Even though it wasn’t on your New Years Eve resolution list (as it just had One Thing right?! :-P), you can no decide the next new habit you want to change 😉
NOW… feel into what that One Thing is…
P.S. Even if you’re not sure it will bring forth such successes and feelings as your desire… just do it anyway… go with it… say it’s the wrong task to bring you your desired feeling?
You’ll soon know! It’s just an experiment remember? Not a failing… just an experiment 😉
P.P.S and worst case scenario you’ll get to know yourself a little bit more as well as closer to the task which will actually bring you that result. But you’ll never know till you try it 😉

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