Mercury Retrograde April 9th 2017

It’s MERCURY RETROGRADE time people! Yay 😛

Strap in, hold on tight, these are some of the things to look out for and what you can do about it:


First let’s summarise what this retrograde is about.


Mercury entered its Retrograde phase today joining Venus, Jupiter and Saturn already in Retrograde, and Pluto soon to be joining!


This is an awakening retrograde and as such, the universe is opening a window to gaze deeply into our Self so we can restructure, re-imagine and redefine our Reality and how we operate in it, in a more empowering and authentic way.


No matter what star sign you are, the theme of today’s retrograde is being honest enquiry with yourself on the past, where you currently are and your contribution to both, then resetting and setting new boundaries for where you want to go.


Quite a few of you as well maybe feeling inspired to tidy up, de-clutter and get back into a healthier regime. Today is the perfect day for it.


Be aware of how the egoic mind has been showing up the last week. You may be feeling your relationships are having a bearing on your life and you need to cleanse, focus on yourself or break up…


It may not be the case. Go within and see if any emotional patterns of turning away or defiance from the ego are in bloom and ask yourself when you first felt these feelings…

Ask your inner guidance for truth for when these ego patterns were created. What decision (and when) did you first make that is leading to this program now?



1. SPEND some time with yourself, truly feeling into where your self-love is at, your feelings of loneliness, lack of connection.


2. KNOW YOUR VISION: Saturn in Sagittarius is an opportunity to: Know your vision and set good boundaries and discipline on how you’ll get there.


3. DO A CLOSURE RITUAL, such as cord cutting or writing a letter and burning it. This applies to material possessions as well as business, relationships and your own self.


4. If you’re able to fast/juice, don’t eat much to allow more mental clarity and for things to bubble up.


5. JOURNAL whatever is on your mind to bring awareness and bring up thoughts you may not have known were there. Did a video on it’s power and how to do it here: The Power Of Journaling 


Since I woke up this morning my crown chakra has been tingling like crazy (and still is as I write)..


6. GIFTS: KNOW THAT today onwards you may receive some upgrades in your “gifts”.. ultimately it’s your own uniqueness which is being brought to your awareness. If you feel any fear, judgement or any resistance to knowing and embrace who you truly are, repeat to yourself each time you have those feelings or thoughts:


“It’s safe for me to embrace my gifts”

“It’s safe for me to embrace who I truly am”

“It’s safe for me to embrace the truth of…….(whatever is coming up for you)…”

More videos on how to do the above can be found here for free: Mercury Retrograde Tools  


P.S. Get out in nature. Spend some time with yourself ad most of all. Be kind to yourself with how you might be showing up or reacting to people or things.


Have a beautiful sunny day (here in London anyway!) 🙂

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