How many times have you given someone a glance and then judged yourself for WHY you might be doing it?
Sometimes they look good, sometimes they’re the same sex and you can’t figure out why you take a second look…
Something about their vibe you like.. BUT YOU stay quiet. BECAUSE society tells you to.

I chat to people all the time on the tube, bus.. in queues.. wherever.. and YES sometimes people let me know as the conversation comes to an end.. “How can this guy be chatting to me without any agenda?”

BUT with time I’ve gotten better at it.

HOW MANY PEOPLE can you count (if you’re in a public place right now), who are on their phones right now?


Because they’re desperate for connection on some level!

Since time began, humans have felt the need to be connected.

Even once you release all your abandonment, rejection programs etc.. YOU ARE still left with the simple fact, that as soon as we incarnate on this planet, into this body… we’re going to feel an element of separation from source, from the higher plane of reality/realm that we knew before this one..

SO yes of course, meditate, get to know yourself and all that jazz… BUT

CONNECT.. feel… and speak to people when you want to speak to them..


LAST NIGHT after getting locked out of my flat I had to rearrange some plans…

I ended up heading to a friends to stay the night till I got it sorted today.

As I walked up the platform, a girl with her jewellery making some noise seemed like she had a nice vibe, so I sat next to her on the platform.

We chatted on the train.. nothing too profound…but the vibe was good and she was beaming

Today she messaged me (and as all my electronic things had died chargers at home) I was heading Hampstead Heath with the amazing Lynn!

So she came and joined us.

Within 10 minutes tears were streaming down her face as she opened up about the things she never tells anyone let alone strangers on the Heath!

Me and Lynn then shared our stories…

By the time we left she had realised WHY we had met and had found hope where all was lost before.
She thought she was on her own. She thought nobody was there for her.
She thought her life was always going to be the way it always had.

AND I even got a text just now that the things I could see in her energy to release, she’s already gone to work on!

Don’t give up.

Life can change!

You’re not the only one who’s been through what you’ve been through!

You’re not alone!

Follow your gut.

Ignore the masses.

You are YOU for a reason.

You’ve been through what you’ve been through for a reason

There are no coincidences

YOU HAVE A REASON for being here in this lifetime

Soul’s assigned to YOU that need your help

BUT 1st..



YOU ARE designed to connect with other soul’s


and the more you do it, the more you will feel connected to yourself, source, everything and everyone

AND the SOUL’s you’re here to help will find it easier to approach and connect with you

AND THE UNIVERSE WILL bring you more soul’s that you can help…

1000 others just like you in my free group “Self Awareness with Duke

Here if you need x

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