I’m sure you’ve written new year goals nearly every year or at least most, but how many times have you achieved them?

Is it an wonder with so many distractions in our modern lives… We think we can go non stop day after day and grow and achieve the way we envision..


If you look at the natural world you’ll notice everything oscillates.. There’s peaks of growth and times of rest and then more growth

MAYBE for a change make a list of the things you’re going to stop doing..the things you’re not going to say yes to that you don’t actually want to do, but you’re too scared to say “No” to
Clear the “should’s” and ask yourself what’s distracting you from getting sh*t done..

Delete the Facebook app from your phone or at least take Away the notifications from your messenger and what’s app..
Then take it to the next level and use a service like unroll.me and you’ll suddenly find you have a lot more time to actually achieve those things in 2017 😉

Spend time resting.. Take a nap.. Do some meditation.. Do some yoga.. Add things like that into your schedule and spend less time doing and more time “being” and you might be surprised how much you get done!

And if you’re not convinced..

Where were you the last time you had a great idea come to you? What were you doing?
I bet it wasn’t in furrows of work! 😉

See you in 2017! Here’s to doing more things that excite us and less time doing the things we feel we “should”

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