Ever since I started my spiritual journey, I’ve been encountering a lot of information about how you should surround yourself with people that lift you up, and how, as you progress, you should be ‘letting go’ of people that are not supportive of your journey. I’ve had conversations with some beautiful awakened souls that felt so misunderstood and attacked for sharing their experiences. Even laughed at. And I had my fair share of such treatment from others in the past.

I got so fed up with feeling attacked and like others don’t take me seriously, and not being able to speak my truth in terms of spiritual growth. As I started tapping into that energy in myself and others, I realised how much it’s only us standing in our own way and how it’s only us that can add fuel to the vibration of ‘having to defend ourselves from attacks’. And how we can always make a choice to let go of that vibration.

As I gained confidence and learned to speak my truth without hesitation and second-guessing myself, something incredible happened. People started responding mainly positively to what I was sharing, and people who weren’t resonating would just stay quiet and not challenge me. It feels like it’s because I let go of challenging myself.

When you say to yourself: “F*ck it, i don’t care anymore what anyone says, I’m just gonna speak my truth”, there’s empowerment there, but there’s also an underlying vibration of defensiveness. Or when you say to yourself: “Next time someone challenges me when I try to speak my truth, I’m gonna stop, cause there’s no point, they won’t get it anyway” there’s an underlying vibration of victimising oneself, even though it might seem like a ‘wise choice’ to hold back in such case.

The truth is that so many people are curious about growth and about expanding their consciousness, so many people on some level want to learn about alternative ways of living their lives, but there’s a big part of them that’s so sh*t scared due to programming and childhood experiences. So they challenge us when we share our truth. And then we get defensive in response, any meaningful exchange stops there.

By letting go of judgement that “it’s me vs. this unaware person or that unawakened person” we can shift anyone to some degree. And we’ll be surprised how people are actually willing to change, but we can only fuel that change in them by confidently staying centered in our truth and not second-guessing ourselves.

This is an incredible time to live in and surprises are awaiting.

Whole Lotta Love

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