January’s Energetic Cleanse Post #1 some extra stuff I didn’t put on my profile 😉
Here’s some steps to take advantage of today’s #Supermoon
2 full moons this month. #BlueMoon
This full moon is in Cancer, so think nurturing, divine mother energy even at your disposal to help you cleanse and heal the rifts and wounds that may have risen over the last month, give yourself some much needed self-love, as well as a powerful reset over your possessions and your environment.
Consider these steps over the next month to take advantage of the energy:
1. Mars engenders infuses our choices and actions and as of yesterday has been positioned to challenge us to embrace our past while simultaneously moving forward.
So each night, for the next week and even till the new moon, take time out each night to acknowledge your successes. 5 minutes each night, 3 things you can acknowledge yourself for that day as well 3 things from 2017 you can acknowledge yourself for having gotten through or done well with. #SelfAcknowledgement
2. The Sun and Neptune represents our awareness and spiritual assistance coming into alignment as they position against each other.
Anything you want answers on and extra clarity on, ask The Universe, your soul, The Angels, your ancestors… whoever you feel to assist you in bringing you extra awareness. Do this before you go to sleep, or when you first wake up or during meditations.
3. This full moon represents the opportunity to let go of the victim in you.
Start noticing your thought patterns.
3 times per day, take 10 conscious breaths and then notice your internal dialogue, or maybe it’s swimming around in your conscious enough for you to hear the saboteur or fear mind.
Notice those thoughts, acknowledge them and negotiate with your conscious mind on the benefits of acknowledging those thoughts, but still choosing an outcome in alignment with what you want.
Then ask yourself “When did I first have these thoughts/feelings?”
Then ask yourself “what’s the gift in me running this saboteur program, what does it allow me to do even more powerfully once I’ve let it go by having once lived with it?”
I know a bit complicated, but for those of you in EH you’ll get me and feel free to ask questions in my fb group “Self Awareness with Duke” around this 😉
4. It’s time for some #Selflove.
Above all else, this month with Cancer being so prevalent over the Moon, makes this a particularly powerful time to acknowledge your feelings and your needs more than you normally would. To get the most out of this year, you need the down time (Yes Duke this means you :-P) to go within and change your beingness to get the compound effect for the rest of the year.
So, book in that date night with yourself, have a warm bath, set some rewards for work well done, get out in nature and above all else, if you only do one thing, make sure you and your EGO knows in advance, when it will have time to yourself.
30 minutes per day at least scheduled in advanced of pure, by yourself, “me time”.
Meditate, breathwork, journaling or just some self reflection.
Have a bath, fill it with epsom salt, magnesium flakes etc..
Embrace whatever comes up with awareness of how it’s stopping you from moving forward and the perfection in it rearing it’s sometimes ugly head now.
5. Write down anything/anyone that you want to let go of. Anyone in your life that you feel has expectation and “needs” you and remember to put yourself first, bit also use forgiveness and ask yourself what might the other person need with any relationships that might not be where they were: https://vimeo.com/218173914.
6. Use energy showers repeatedly throughout the days to replenish your energy (in the pinned post).
7. Use this breathwork each day to help you integrate faster: https://vimeo.com/220841990
8. Eat light, eat clean. Ask your body what it wants. Avoid animal products and processed food. Fast if you can, juice if difficult to invite even more emotions and energies to come up.
SOME QUESTIONS YOU could ask yourself to help release and renew ready for the new year and to capitalise on this full moon….
What part(s) of me need to die in order embrace more of my true self?
What situations people can I invite into my reality to help me grow?
What ideas and beliefs are not serving that I can let go of?
Who do these beliefs belong to? When did I first form them?

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