Last night I had a crazy ass dream!
You know the kind where you wake up hours after your alarm, not knowing where you are and with dried dribble around your face and pillow… yeah “one of them ones” 😛
I was on some kind of metal bunk bed with a giant walrus trying to eat me. Me and this walrus were having full blown conversations and being completely open and honest with each other with what was happening. He wanted to eat me and I had to kill him with the limited implements I had to hand.
NOW I get asked this question a ton…
“Duke I had this dream and X Y Z happened and A and B person was there.. what does it all mean?”
Now of course, apart from telling you to go and ask God Of Internet aka Google.. there are books that will tell you if you dream about a white unicorn it means X or if your family show up a certain way it means Y
BUT not every size fits all..
WHEN we go to sleep, there could be a myriad of different things happening…
Dreams are made up of thought forms that your mind has either filtered to your experience in this 3D world or as a construct of your subconscious mind
OR you could be astral travelling… going into other realms, dimensions and even past lives
You could even be getting premonitions without realising it..
Dreams are an amazing opportunity to get more insight into improving the 3D experience we call life
AND the more you tune into them, the more you can increase your knowledge base and wisdom..
The key thing is to seek to understand whatever is showing up.. no matter how crazy or scary
Here’s some simple tips to start understanding your dreams and gaining extra insight into this human experience
1. Have a dream journal by your bed. Each morning wake up and write down whatever you dreamed about.
Reflect on your dream journal and notice patterns and make note of any stand out instances or objects in your dreams. You could be lucid dreaming without meaning to even and having reference points that you get to know will help stop you from getting confused by false awakenings.
2. Set intentions. If you feel you don’t remember your dreams, set the intention before sleep that you will and by having a dream journal by your bed you are letting your conscious know that you’re taking this seriously. Then in the morning write whatever you feel.
3. Don’t get attached. Whatever you might see in your dream, it could be a past life, anther version of you in another dimension, this life, a metaphor created by your subconscious to try and wake up some understanding etc… don’t get attached!
4. Activate breathwork. The more breathwork you do… the easier it will be to be present and rest your awareness in thought forms… i.e. the constructs or filters of the mind, whether it’s lucid dreams.. all the way to astral traveling. Start with 15 mins minimum each day for significant changes noticeable in your ability to recall and be conscious in dream states..and around an hour per day is going to bring you even more profound results.
5. Understand through feelings. No matter what shows up. As soon as you’re conscious, ask your self/body/inner voice how you feel. How does it make you feel? What happened to make you feel X? What does it mean to you?
Ask those questions and you’ll get visuals and feelings back into wherever you just were… or realisations as to what they meant.
P.S. Everything that shows up in your life, is showing up for a reason… your dreams, once you get the hang of communicating with them are one of the most powerful tools to your growth and awareness 😉

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