By Iain Baines

Inner Child

Your inner child is an integral part of your whole being, Your inner child stores information and memories from the point of creation with this in mind, the fact that you are reading this would indicate that it is time to connect with your inner child.
Your inner child seeks acknowledgement ,approval, understanding, compassion & most of all LOVE.

Here is a little letter or verse to help you acknowledge this beautiful part of you.

Dear inner child
I have neglected to acknowledge you
I have ignored you for so long
Please forgive me for not acknowledging you
Please forgive me for ignoring you
I am sorry for the frustration, hurt, pain, disrespect that I have caused you to bare
Please forgive me for all the pain and memories that I have given you
I love you so much and from this day forward I will ensure that we will walk side by side eternally
You are my guiding light
You will always be my foresight
Let us work together to release all that no longer serves us from the point of creation to the ends of time
let us embrace our new journey together
Together we are strong
Together we will have fun
Together we shall remain
Together we are one and the same
I love you for all time eternal.


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