Gotta practice what you preach right?!

If you want to be more comfortable chatting to hot members of the opposite sex, then start getting used to chatting to anyone.. same sex, “ugly”.. whatever.. just get to it.

When I was waiting for my daughter as she pretended to be a fireman.. I thought “hey gotta practice what I preach!”


When the guy next to me waiting for his daughter looked my way I struck up a conversation.

Well I attempted to anyway.

I was pretty head on and positive and making jokes and banter galore.

Proud of myself I was for the expert way In which I navigated my way through his pleasant responses.

After 2-3 minutes I realised something though,

He couldn’t understand a word of English and was just agreeing and nodding politely.

I paused to feel into how I could rectify the situation.

And seconds later his daughter came back and he turned and conversed with her In the strongest accent I’ve very heard In my life.

Throughout the day I saw him wAaaay too many times for it to be comfortable, but the good news is I didn’t mind As I was chatting for the enjoyment of chatting rather than looking for an outcome. And I actually laughed out loud too many times to admit here when I kept bumping into his waaay too buff self!

So what’s this got to do with meeting that beautiful goddess of god of a potential partner in waiting?

In this modern day world we spend our days detached and engaged in our phones or other external expressions,

Then we’re surprised when we see someone so gorgeous our knees tremble and we’re then beating ourselves up when we don’t have the courage to chat to them.

There are lots that can be said here for realising those beliefs that make you nervous or stop you from approaching someone, but also know that confidence can come from experience after experience as well.

Unfortunately most of us as we grow up prescribe meanings to experiences that don’t serve us. I know as a 17 yet old I never had the balls to ask out the girl I was basically in love with..

Maybe just maybe if I’d chatted to the ones I wasn’t so interested in at first and got better at actually making guy friends it would have been different

Now 15 years later that guy I can say accounts for Around 1% of the people I talk to. Usually I just end up chatting to someone who is 100% on my wavelength and universe has sat us next to each other for a reason.

Try it and before you know it, gorgeous people will be approaching you… and maybe you’ll also make some friends and connect with awesome people along the way 😉

P.s. Lots more techniques to this, but start connecting with others and being more present to people around you more often and it’ll impact every aspect of how you show and connect

P.p.s youll also notice your connection with your self more 😉

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