If you’re still feeling like this after the full moon… just know you’re not alone 😛
Forget the “Hero’s Journey”.. what about the “Healers Journey”?! I say lol

Just had a call with a potential coaching client. She’s been trying to avoid the truth of who she is for waaaay too long.

I know it hurts. I know it’s uncomfortable.


Nobody ever reached greatness by avoiding. Nobody ever reached their soul destiny at the highest level by looking outward..

Those feeling you have bubbling up are bubbling up for a reason, those responsibilities that seem to be taking even more of your energy right now…

It will get better..


Instead of trying to avoid them,


The quicker you embrace those feelings and anything that isn’t showing up the way you would like it to (unfortunately you don’t live in a world made of fluffy clouds you can eat)

THE QUICKER you can get the lesson, get the integration, get the wisdom, the upgrades and get back to


It’s your choice.

AND you know, you can be kind to yourself, you can rest, you can take a little less outward action


Don’t let the inner action let up

If ever it’s there

It’s for a reason

YOUR SOUL Know’s what it’s doing.

Start to trust it.

and YOUR EGO might be saying right now “What if my feelings are wrong”

Well the bad news is..



YOU start embracing them,

YOU ARE never going to start harnessing them, sharpening them and allowing the wisdom of your soul to truly come through and guide you at the highest level

SO if like me you feel like death right now

KNOW that you have my permission to hustle a little bit less, you have my permission to let people know you’ll be off grid for a while


Don’t ever let the calls of your soul go unheard, unrecognised…

Don’t ever let your soul’s want for you to acknowledge parts of yourself that have gone without acknowledgement for so long.. go any longer

YOU OWE it to yourself

Destiny awaits

It’s your choice

What will you choose?

Here as always if you need x

#SelfAwareness #InnerWork

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