Whoever you are, whether we’ve connected in “real life” or not, I just want to let you know.. I acknowledge and appreciate YOU!

You are more courageous than you know and know that, we may not know each other that well “humanly”, but energetically you and I are tapped into the same thing..

I love you.

Right now I’m being stretched to grow on all fronts. Hiring staff to deal with the swell of new business. Scaling teaching as many soul’s in human bodies as possible Experiential Healing.

And one thing that is evident.

I have so much support around me, silently and blatantly!

There’s going to be some major changes in my world. Not from a place of EGO, but from a place of a calling, but it’s taken a while to get here. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I know where I’m going and what my intentions are.

ONE THING I’ve learned to be so valuable..


Forget the end goals. Focus on the means goals and you’ll notice life flows so much easier.
People are then able to assist you in places you didn’t know you needed assisting!

WIll do a video on attachment, detachment and non-attachment and the differences, but for now, I’d like you to consider… if you changed your intentions from

“I want to achieve X by X time” to something more like:

“I want to be surrounded by love at all times”

Sounds wanky? Sounds non committed?

Not really in fact.

How about?

“I want to inspire at least 1 person every day”
instead of “I want to gain X clients this month”.

Work out what your vision needs to succeed, then focus on what you need to give out, what you want to have around you or infuse into yourself for those things to happen.

You’ll be surprised who shows up in your reality “human” or otherwise to assist you 😉

AND when you do that, you give your SOUL, The UNIVERSE, God, Source, Angels, Fairies… whatever.. the room to fulfill whatever is in your highest, rather than what you “think” is in your highest, coming from your conscious mind, that can’t possibly know how amazing you are.

You are more than you know currently!

Focus on how you want to feel and make others feel and watch your life flow towards those end goals as a byproduct 😉

P.S. I still have performance indicators and deadlines… but my focus is how I Want to feel. The Universe hears that over what you think is your end goal 😉

P.P.S you know how life changes so much on this journey! #LetItGo to how you think your life should look!

#ListenToYourSoul #SelfAwareness

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