Transcend Your EGO.
Embrace God's Mission For You.
Feel In Love and Inspired With Life.

When you are able to understand why everything shows up for you in life and you’re able to embrace your feelings, release your EGO’s attachment and control each time, everything changes.

Dreams you thought were just that, no longer stay as dreams.

The beautful thing is, anybody has the capacity to live their dreams. Embrace the idea that “You wouldn’t have that dream if God didn’t put it there”, and once you align with your purpose, accept your own individual mission you came on Earth to accomplish, then all aspects of life will start to flow that much effortlessly and then something even more beautiful happens….

You start to feel more happiness, peace, joy and love in any given present moment more often.

This is my calling. The greatest gift I can give you. So please do look around this site. Within it you’l find a multitude of ways to open up your heart, to know that God and The Universe are there for you and to feel more love than you’ve ever felt before, however life shows up for you.

I’m excited for where you and your Soul are headed next.

Duke Sayer


duke sayer

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Real Success Stories

Hundreds of lives transformed

So excited for this. Each and every one of my sessions with Duke has changed my consciousness in a powerful way. Super excited to start sharing time and skills with others! The healing and awareness I have gained from this work is still at the very top of my list!  🙂

aaron-le-conte Aaron Le Conte

I’ve had a healing session with Duke Sayer and was blown away at how powerful it was. It completely shifted my energy and now my life is transforming at rapid speed and miraculous things are happening. Thanks so much Duke!

  Gabriel Both

Just paid my deposit! I’ve already been working with Duke for a short while an now doing healing sessions with clients regularly. definitely recommend this to anyone! Excited!


Luke Scot

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