Feeling so high right now! Just recorded 4 videos back to back on 4 different ways of using the breath to connect with your higher self and energise your human self!

From tomorrow will be dropping phase 4 of the daily rituals series in my FB group “Self Awareness with Duke”

Of all the /daily morning rituals, I see connection with your breath as probably the most profound when done consistently.

If you had to just pick one thing to add to your daily routine, conscious breath would be it!

Here are some benefits to entice you 😉 Just give it a week, treat it as an experiment and see if in a week you still need your coffee, sugar fix and if you have those emotional lows you’ve accepted over the years!

1. 5-15 minutes will purify your blood and release deposits from the lungs. Even just 30 breaths will kickstart this process!

2. Breathwork burns away disease and karma. Goodbye bad health and hello clarity of spirit and soul.

3. It stimulates the solar plexus to generate heat and release natural energy throughout the body. Read between the lines… No more coffee!

4. It strengthens the magnetic field of the body, aka physical aura, to give you greater protection against negative forces.

5. Instantly relieves stress and cleanses your mind.

6. Synchronises your entire system under one rhythm, thus promoting greater internal harmony and health.

7. Cleanses your body of toxins and strengthens and balances your nervous system.

P.S. or you could get your high another way, but it’s a lot more expensive and you can’t do it every day… I’ve heard anyway 😛

#SelfAwareness #PowerOfTheBreath

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