Gratitude at being a coach

Sad face leaving this view in Cannes, but such a feeling of gratitude, and not just because I’m coming home to the men of ManClub 


Something I love about plane flights is I always get super reflective


I’m just about to take off and it blows my mind that I even have the freedom to be in 2 different countries across a week and nothing about my business changes..


If you’d told my teenage self that “one day Duke you’ll get paid to share with people the tools and techniques that have enabled you to live feeling happiness, present, peace and one day you’ll understand why everything happened for you not to you and be able to forgive everything and everyone, especially yourself…”


I wouldn’t have believed them..


It’s not to say I have it all figured out no matter often I like to think so :-p, but at least I have been able to have the courage to choose..


I was listening to some Gregg Braden this morning (it’s amazing what you forget or don’t absorb first time around) and he was talking about how your telomeres (responsible for how quickly you age) lengthen or at least dont become so brittle and damaged when you are in a place of gratitude.


Being self employed isn’t easy. Feeling inspired to take a different path isn’t easy. It’s not comfortable. But I know if you’re reading this then you are the Same and just can’t face the idea of a life where you look back and have regrets..




You can’t face the idea of a life where you don’t live your souls wants… NEEDS!


1. So I want to just take a moment and extend gratitude for myself and each and every one of us coaches, healers, mentors, lightworkers and everyone in between for us having the balls/ovaries to attempt something different


2. I want to send out gratitude and thanks as so many people on this planet either a) don’t know they have a choice or b) don’t even have the opportunity to choose and are just doing their best to survive


I don’t know where I saw the quote once, but it went along the lines of “we don’t even know how lucky we are to even know what goal setting is”


So whatever you have been through. Wherever you are and however crap life can feel sometimes, know that with awareness you do have a choice.


P.S. to all of you coaches and healers out there. I know it gets lonely sometimes, but get over it you made this choice! Just kidding :-p

Seriously though you are blessed to even be considering this as your career or living it as your career, but if you’re ever struggling… feel free to Send me a PM.. the path less trodden is not an easy one 😉


P.p.s we all know gratitude is amazing and if you do nothing else, nothing helps your state and vibration like it, but don’t forget to truly at least try and feel it. Don’t just do it 😉 feeeeel.


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