We’ve all heard the analogy about Tiger Woods working on his golf swing in a different way.. getting worse for a bit, before then coming back with a vengeance to completely dominate…
AND YES I’m talking pre being found out to be cheating on his wife, bless him..

BUT my point is you’ve bought into the idea that sometimes you have to strip down what you’re currently doing.. to completely dismantle something, to look at it with a fresh view, before you’re then able to build it even better again

BUT have you ever thought about your emotions in that way?!


It’s a lot harder to justify to your EGO why you’re doing something.
If your sales on your business are slowing down, a product you launch not getting the same buzz anymore or even your methods of finding a date on Tinder seem to be waning.. it’s so easy for you to justify to your EGO that “hey that isn’t working anymore, Everyone knows Tinder is just for hookups, let’s go on Match.com and try our luck there”

In that moment your EGO reflects back at you… “yeah I can go with that, let’s do it, cause it’s the avenue to finding love which is the reason you’re not in that amazing relationship yet, I’m down with that reasoning”

Now of course there’s a ton of reasons others than where you’re looking for love.. but that’s another post in itself.. BUT my point is your EGO can run with it and as such will give you no resistance to this new way of doing things

THE DIFFERENCE however with your emotions and feelings is that when they start shaping up, actually feeling different and you tell your EGO.. “OK this sadness I’ve been keeping inside for a while now needs to come up”

Your EGO does it’s job as it’s been trained to do and says “HELL NO! we are not taking that risk, we are not going there again, we are staying right here with this safety program, You Push those feelings back down where they belong”


But luckily we have a SOUL and our SOUL knows the EGOS contract, to keep you safe at all times

So it goes about working with The Universe to manifest some really upsetting stuff in your life

Physical pains
A partner that makes you feel terrible
A break up even
Feelings of loneliness
Money challenges
Sadness even..

And your EGO starts freaking out.. “what is all this?! What’s going on?!”

And in your human self you start to feel overwhelm or intense feelings like you’ve never felt before and you start judging yourself

And your EGO wants you to judge yourself so that you can push these feelings right back to where they belong.. deep down in your subconscious and in your bodies emotional filing system


BUT with AWARENESS there is another way

When the feeling of sadness bubbles up and you feel like sh*t, get EXCITED cause that means you’re about to feel more amazing then you’ve ever felt

Everything that you’ve oppressed, everything throughout your life that your EGO has compartmentalised so that you don’t have to feel those painful feelings again, (like the time your mum told you “no” and you figured it just be because you’re not worthy of love)..

NONE of those feelings go anywhere, the pains, hurts.. feelings of…

They don’t go anywhere, they just lie there deep in your body and subconscious waiting for the opportune moment that your conscious mind will be expanded enough to embrace what your SOUL wants to show you and teach you about yourself and your journey


Next time an intense feeling or realisation comes up..

Let your EGO know

“It’s safe for us to embrace this”

“Remember EGO we only get presented with what we can handle”

And your EGO will fight you

It will hate you and curse you and do everything it can by making you feel a bit more sh*t and reminding you of how bad it felt last time and how it didn’t work out so well blah blah blah

AND it is your job

With your conscious awareness to let that inner voice know, to let the EGO know

“No, it’s cool, we’ve got this”

And it won’t be easy

And it may feel horrible the first time

And maybe even the 10th time

But when you embrace whatever feeling is showing up for you and know that it is in the highest

and continually communicate with your EGO



It does get quicker

And the RESULT?!

as a result of embracing all that is

You get to experience more joy, peace and love then your EGO ever let you experience before as each time you embrace these parts of yourself

Your EGO will allow you to feel more and more of the good stuff, for the fear of it being taken away will lessen more and more each time

P.S I know it’s not easy, nobody said it would be, but it will be worth it

P.P.S when you’re going through hell, sometimes knowing others have come out the other side of the same helps a ton 😉 join us in “Self Awareness with Duke” my FB group and meet likeminded souls also on their own journey to befriending the EGO

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