“God doesn’t call the gifted, he gives gifts to the called”

One of the things that I love so much about this journey, is the people and their stories. I loved films so much growing up (and still do!) so it’s not surprise!

Stories and the trials and tribulations have been part of our human race and how we communicate since the dawn of time.

It’s innate. It sings to the deepest parts of US… to OUR SOULS

ONE THING that’s becoming increasingly evident though, is that I’m here to help and heal people… cool.

BUT even more than that, I’m here to be the light for healers and to let them know, it’s OK



YOU ARE PERFECT just as you are

YOU don’t have to hide.

Sometimes I feel like professor Xavier rallying The X-Men and showing them how to live a normal life… EXCEPT

I’m here to show YOU that seeing Angels, Ghosts, Spirits

Feeling loved ones after they’ve passed

Hearing voices not of your own

Knowing when BAD and GOOD things are going to happen waaaaay before they actually do


It’s everyone else that’s forgotten who they truly are!


ONE THING that’s been proven by the system I’ve put together for healing (Experiential Healing 1.0), is that even if someone has NEVER
seen, heard, felt, smelt, tasted even anything outside of “Normal” then they soon start to and can get messages straight away and help people, once they tap into the space and be in the innocence of presence required along with certain knowledge of the techniques…

TODAY I spoke to so many people who have felt lost, who are feeling that stirring of their soul

I ALSO chatted to people who’s journeys some might say are even more intense than mine… I would definitely say that

TODAY I spoke to someone who’s so powerful in what they’re able to do.. I FEEL nothing, but honour to be able to be their facilitator in returning them to their truth, their gifts and them becoming aligned with their purpose and helping all those soul’s assigned to YOU


4 YEARS ago… even 10 years ago I would see visions and not know what they meant. I’d dismiss them…assume they were my EGO dreaming them up..

BUT as they years wore on I realised my EGO was saying the opposite… it was saying I couldn’t possibly be that person..

YET the more I kept feeling and listening to my gut,

THE MORE these visions kept showing themselves

I didn’t take them seriously UNTIL close friends started reminding me that what I’d said months or years before, was now a REALITY

THEN I started to remember, as a 3 year old… a 6 year old… a 13 year old even..

I saw things. Sometimes scary. Sometimes crazy..

BUT I was only scared, as I thought I was supposed to be.

I didn’t have a teacher in the arts of the 6th sense. I didn’t have my school teacher let me know that I could communicate with everything and anything that shows up in my world.


IT’S FUNNY how most of the greatest minds that ever lived.. from Tesla to Eisntein were actually intuitives.

They used their intuition, a flow, an alternative source… an existential way of being to guide them into realms of science that men before had not been able to think their way through.


There’s a reason they don’t.


Since the dawn of religions, ordered society and the controlling elite, there’s been fear and a singling out of anyone “GIFTED”…

FEAR of the unknown

FEAR of not being able to control you

FEAR that you might be influenced by things without good intent

YET when you spend time within tribes, it’s a standard protocol to navigate the spirit world, or ask other beings for guidance



YOU WILL ONLY EVER BE GIVEN by The Universe/God exactly what YOU can handle.

Everything that has happened in your life, happened for a reason… and sorry to say, you signed up for it


Every gift you have

Anything you feel outside of the ordinary

Anything you’re worried about other people knowing


It’s there for a reason!

Start being YOU


and know that when you do

Your purpose

The soul’s assigned to YOU

Will also come out from the rocks they’ve been hiding behind



Search “Self Awareness with Duke” and learn how it feels to be surrounded by the other X-Men and X-Women out there who right now feel they’re in the minority

It’s time to embrace who YOU TRULY ARE

I SEE a time when YOU are the “NORM”

AND the people who can’t see, feel, hear of know “energies” will be part of the old paradigm

NOW I Know WHY I saw what I saw through all those childhood years, Now I KNOW WHY I see what I see… I’m here to guide YOU, to awaken your gifts, to align you with your purpose and show you what it is you were always destined to do

If nothing else… isn’t it just fricking amazing to think of all those amazing gifted people out there?! To know that so many legends and myths.. might be more than just that?
PLUS the one’s being born right now! C’mon Wolverine… talk to me! I Know you’re out there somewhere! 😛

Here if you need x

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