Gary Vaynerchuck Insights From Expert Empires

“Does this fit with my current strategy? Will I implement it now?”

I ask myself before every speech I watch, any speaker, any event…

No that’s not a quote from Gary V 😂

It’s funny how everyone flooded into the room to watch Gary V do his thing.. I wonder how many stopped to question what they’re looking for? What are they hoping to gain?

Bottom line is Gary being here got the people to this event. He’s motivational, people love him.. but it’s been an amazing event.. so much amazing content!

Before you go to any event and when you’re watching a speaker… when you’re getting excited by the next shiny object, the latest course, the latest program, the latest video on YouTube…

Ask yourself those 2 questions above.


Have you taken action with what you already have?
Are you even ready for the next strategy?

Having said that Gary is talking about Self Awareness right now 😉 I’m down with that 😎

He’s also talking about it being a marathon not a sprint. There’s no magic pill. Complex funnels, techniques, strategies and magic bullets that will help you rise above the noise are all bullshit.. its consistency that’s the key…

Something Nick James shared yesterday was that you don’t even need to think about your complex funnels until you hit the 6 figure. Couldn’t agree more! People are selling you bullshit ideas cause you think you don’t have enough. You think you’re not enough.

Keep going. Do what you’re here to do and follow the bread crumbs left by the universe for you soul to eat up 😉

Gary right now is talking about following your intuition 👊 boom!

“Gut call over and over and don’t cry about what went wrong in the past” @GaryVee

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