Last night’s full moon was epic, but was busy with ManClub so didn’t get to see it, but I felt it for sure!

Came up last night in our event around success and getting sh*t done, that when you adopt some awesome strategies for scheduling your tasks, week and days you can achieve a lot in a very short space of time.

What also came up last night though, is that the moon effects your energy and even your output work, health and relationships.

Especially since Chinese New Year there’s been a lot about releasing the past programs, releasing people and bringing in the new opportunities.

Some simple nice to do’s to increase release this weekend are as follows:

1. Eat light, avoid dense and processed food and preferably fast, juice fast or eat vegan to help with things coming up for you and releasing.

2. Be kind to yourself this weekend. You may feel things coming up for you… ex’s coming to mind, reminders of how you’ve not achieved or old friends dropping out of your reality…

That’s ok. It’s ok to feel the way you do. Embrace it, don’t run away from it and know that it’s only so even more amazing things and people can come into your life 😉

3. Write a list of all the things you don’t want to do anymore and all the things/people you’d like to let go of.
Then do some simple Ho’oponnopo on it or some kind of cord cutting/release meditation. I have some in my self awareness group on the pinned post for those of you in there.

4. Take particular advantage and write a letter to money, debt and anyone else you have some challenges with and befriend the energy of that thing/person and write whatever you would write if it was a long lost friend you wanted to reconnect with. try it, let it flow you’ll be surprised!

Do these simple steps this weekend. You still have some time to take advantage of the energies at play.

P.S. if you’re not in my group and want to see a bit more detail on the cord cutting and writing letters to things/people then check it out here:


REMEMBER be kind to yourself! It’s ok to feel the way you feel and it’s ok to not get done the things feel you should… it can wait, work on you in the meantime!

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