Yesterday was full moon.

From tonight onwards I’ll be posting videos on releasing negative thoughts and carrying on from the cleansing the mind daily rituals.


Know that with the full moon yesterday, now is the perfect time to release all that no longer serves you.


Here’s a breakdown of the moon phases and their effect.




Let go of stuff that you no longer need. Evening before full moon, recharge and bathe in the light of the full moon when it comes and set the intention of all that you want to release.


Write out all the things you want to let go of and burning or a similar ceremoniously process is good to let yourself know your’e letting go


For more full moon protocols check this video: Full moon protocols explained in full. 


THEN: The illuminated part then gradually shrinks into a Waning Gibbous Moon, and when it reaches Third Quarter, the opposite half from the First Quarter is illuminated. From there, it fades into a Waning Crescent Moon.




Release and be aware of bad habits, stresses, negative thinking and get to some completion of awareness around those aspects since the full moon.



Reflect and evaluate for the future. All harvests reaped of any intentions(and actions) sowed.



Withdraw from the world. Rest, renew. Release and purge.




The New Moon and the Waxing Crescent that follows means the universe backing you up with more energy for goals and intentions coming through…


SOME QUESTIONS YOU could ask yourself to help release and renew ready for the new year and to capitalise on a new moon….


What part(s) of me need to die in order embrace more of my true self?

What situations people can I invite into my reality to help me grow?

What ideas and beliefs are not serving that I can let go of?

Who do these beliefs belong to? When did I first form them?



1. What’s been coming up for you since the last Full Moon and what’s currently not working or you’d like to change?

2. Set intentions of what you’d like to happen and what you’d like to achieve in this coming month.

3. Write out your goals and project plans for the next month.

The move energy and feeling you can put into the above 3 the better.

4. If you’d like to manifest abundance then write out what and how that might take form, if things are going well, set the intention of how you’d like them to expand.

5. Get to work and know that in the coming 2 weeks in particular as the moon goes through waxing crescent it’s easier to build, grow and scale whatever you want to achieve then post full moon!



Set new intentions. New projects, goals.

Within 8 hours of a new moon, write down intentions for the month. The more energy you can put into it the better. Within 24 hours, write out cheque of how much money you want (ask the universe with your justification) and trust that it will happen.



Bursts of energy, move forward – anything want to deepen, intentions wise. TAKE ACTION!

Can start new things, sign contracts, make BIG purchases.



Strengthen, determination, concentration, decision making – re-evaluation, commitment to action. Finish goals.



Gaining and attaining – ideas cultivated + fine tuned before manifestation zone.


I want to do this post (as well as an excuse to use Jaffa Cakes in a post :-P), so that you can see how the flow of the month ahead can be maximized. Any questions, let me know!


P.S. use this coming week with the exercises I’ll be posting to maximise the release of the old you (especially with the retrograde) and the beginning of May is an amazing time to kick on with new projects!

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