Wherever you are right now.. whatever is going on in your personal life or with a significant other or ex.. or ex of your child..
JUST KNOW that people can change, if you have the courage to go there!
Spent the morning with my daughter today at her mums as it’s half term while her mum was at work.
Her mum then came back and was asking me how life was etc..
The next thing I know she asks “Can you teach me?”
“Teach you what?” Confused, I asked softly
“To do what you do…”
SAY WHAAAAAAT?! (in my head I’m shouting this! :-P)
Bearing in mind the bullet point of our relationship till this point goes (in a watered down version) something like this:
6 years ago – not letting me see my daughter much at all while she lived in Norway
4 years ago – comes to England with my daughter as she wants a new life and more help
I have my daughter most days each week in Bournemouth (where I lived at the time)
3 years ago – she has a “funny turn” and leaves for London stating she doesn’t need me and my BS ways
2.5 years ago – asks for help again
2 years ago onwards there have been a couple of small moments, but all in all we have a very flexible working relationship
PRESENT DAY – she isn’t jealous anymore of me and my daughters relationship.
She realises I’m not her dad and all the men up until that point that had treated her so badly.
NOW of course there’s a lot more to this..
e.g. every day I’d talk to my daughters energy so she didn’t feel the void as much,
I worked tirelessly on my programs that were evident in my daughters mum that I was co-manifesting in her and my reality.
I always sought to understand the situation, rather than be understood… etc..
BUT I just want you to know that no matter what you might be going through, no matter how bad it gets, it will get better!
My daughters mum 6 years ago is 1 of only 2 people I can honestly say I’ve ever hated.
NOW I don’t use that word lightly and these days I couldn’t have that for anyone, but I was a different person 6 years ago. AND I didn’t have me to guide me, so trust me… whatever you’re going through, it can be done quicker…. PLUS the planets energies are assisting you even more so then 6 years ago!
Funny thing is I released a program on Friday inferno to teach people how to do what I do (only in my “Self Awareness with Duke” Facebook group). By Saturday morning all places were gone.
Since then plenty of people have asked can they still get in on it
and now my daughters mum asks..
THAT’s when you know the Universe is confirming what you’re doing is the right thing 🙂
So ask yourself…
WHAT SIGNS are you ignoring of the good work you’ve been doing?
Acknowledging yourself is key to keeping on keeping on when the going gets tough, which it will do at some point!
It could be the smallest token of appreciation from someone, but even better from yourself 😉
You are often so good at praising others, but terrible at praising yourself.
So join me, right now I’m going to bring out the inner narcissist in me and praise myself for how amazing me, my daughter and her mums relationship is.
What can you praise yourself for that you’ve achieved till this point?
5 things in your personal life
5 things in your biiz/career life
Every day acknowledge yourself!
Don’t stop believing.
People can change!
Situations can change!
You can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.
It’s not easy. BUT it’s simpler then everyone makes out.
AND it will require work!
BUT it will most definitely be worth it!
As always
Here if you need XX

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