WHAT IF your life is already laid out before you?
What if you have many predetermined destiny points and points of action, that when you embrace them… all of life will unravel as it was always predestined to?
“You’re not here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to figure out why you made the choice in the first place.” – The Oracle to Neo in the Matrix.
NOW you know where I’m going with this already I’m sure 😛
I’m not saying our destiny is cemented in stone..
One Thing that I have seen more and more as I’ve seen people’s timelines and purpose and then them start to embrace it is, so much of what we think is choice… simply isn’t. We have the choice to embrace more of who we are.. BUT the themes of our life, the themes of our experiences…
We’ve already signed up for them.
We’ve asked for the
the rejection,
the hurt…
we’re perfectly placed to with the exact skills WITHIN US to break out from these shackles of our EGO, society, the naysayers…
Everything you need to live a life of bliss, joy and unconditional love…
It’s just a case of re-remembering WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
Everything that has happened in your life….
YOU SIGNED UP FOR in some way. Either as an excited soul asking for the “DOUBLE WHAMMY” 😛 package of shit to overcome OR you had it coming from what YOU’D signed up for from previous lifetimes OR did in previous lifetimes…
ULTIMATELY there are no coincidences..
AND WHEN you start to realise that like Neo, YOU ARE THE ONE… the world literally revolves around you in your own little movie called “…Insert name (s) amazing life”
THEN you embrace the power to change anything that is showing up in your life
You have an amazing destiny
You have soul’s assigned to you that are here waiting for you to guide them to their own individual truth..
ARE YOU going to embrace your truth and like Neo choose to wake up other people caught in their zombie like state?
WILL YOU choose to evade responsibility and stay comfortable in the discomfort of how your life right now currently shows up..?
OR WILL YOU choose to accept responsiblity for everything that shows up in your life…
AND know that you are co-manifesting everything in your life and have the power to change it..
SO go out there!
Embrace who you truly are!
KNOW that it is just a game.. ENJOY THE GAME, play full out, learn mastery over the rules of the game and you will have everything that you (not someone else’s idea of an amazing life) truly want to have and experience in this lifetime
P.S. can’t promise that once you embrace the rules and learn mastery over the game that is life, that like Neo you’ll be able to dodge bullets and fly.. but never say never and all that 😉

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