Podcast Episode 5: Do You Truly Believe

I’ve always believed, from about the age of 5, that there was more to life that what I saw in my surroundings. I looked at my parents, their friends, adults at school and saw that life didn’t look as fun as it ought to be. Looking at those around me life seemed like it was […]

I appreciate you

Whoever you are, whether we’ve connected in “real life” or not, I just want to let you know.. I acknowledge and appreciate YOU! You are more courageous than you know and know that, we may not know each other that well “humanly”, but energetically you and I are tapped into the same thing.. I love […]

God doesn’t call the gifted

“God doesn’t call the gifted, he gives gifts to the called” One of the things that I love so much about this journey, is the people and their stories. I loved films so much growing up (and still do!) so it’s not surprise! Stories and the trials and tribulations have been part of our human […]

How many times have you avoided contact with another person?

How many times have you given someone a glance and then judged yourself for WHY you might be doing it? Sometimes they look good, sometimes they’re the same sex and you can’t figure out why you take a second look… Something about their vibe you like.. BUT YOU stay quiet. BECAUSE society tells you to. […]

If you’re in the “Self Awareness with Duke” Facebook group

I just wanna let you know.   I was at an event over the weekend, that said you shouldn’t get too excited, (no sorry, elated), as that’s future projecting and you’re not present.   I would argue, that with awareness you can be present to your future projection 😉 and WHY rob yourself of the […]

I know how it feels

On my way back from another ManClub meetup and I can’t help as I look up at the moon, but feel appreciation 🙏 12 years ago I didn’t have a clue WHY everything was showing up in my life the way it was or HOW to change it! BUT as I reflect on tonight’s meetup… […]

Let it fucking go

It all comes down to love and compassion. For yourself!   Something I love about writing each morning, is that I never know where it’s going to go. Just like when I speak on stage I guess 😛   When I’m in flow and I’m making a point, it’s like I’m asking myself a question […]

Don’t stop believing!

Wherever you are right now.. whatever is going on in your personal life or with a significant other or ex.. or ex of your child.. JUST KNOW that people can change, if you have the courage to go there! Spent the morning with my daughter today at her mums as it’s half term while her […]