January 2018 full moon cancer

January’s Energetic Cleanse Post #1 some extra stuff I didn’t put on my profile 😉 Here’s some steps to take advantage of today’s #Supermoon   2 full moons this month. #BlueMoon   This full moon is in Cancer, so think nurturing, divine mother energy even at your disposal to help you cleanse and heal the […]

Virgo New Moon 2017

VIRGO NEW MOON… what’s it all about and how you can take advantage of its effects…. ….there’s a reason that I’ve been intuitively guided to check in with my health practices!   August 21st’s Solar Eclipse was to make bold, confident changes that lead to long-term success for the next 6 months, making sure your […]

September 2017 Harvest Moon

WOW what a Full Moon! Here’s what you might be experiencing! 😛   We’ve come to the end of the Solar Eclipse/New Moon/Retrograde and this month is just back to back aka “Shit coming up for you month”   Anyway…the energy of the Solar Eclipse will be with us until February 2018, but this full […]