Podcast Episode 10: Inspiration Not Motivation

With the New Year upon us I wanted to give you something special in this podcast. Something that will out do any New Years resolution set. Something that you will find useful throughout the year and throughout the rest of your life.   Most people think that its motivation that gets you moving, that gets […]

Podcast Episode 9: Are You Using Coping Mechanisms

I’m not an advocate of using coping mechanisms to get shit done and/or to live day in and day out. Coping mechanisms are passed around like chewing gum in the self-development world and in the long run they’re not sustainable. They don’t solve the problem, they only deal with the symptoms in my eyes. I […]

Podcast Episode 8: Are You Retreating Enough

In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke I talk about retreats and the importance of them. I’m not just talking about those retreats where you’re up at 0600 each morning to do yoga and juicing all day. Yeah they’re great but I’m referring to retreating from everyday life, often.   If you were to […]

Podcast Episode 6: What Dreams Are You Holding Off

What is it that you’re waiting for, for you to go after your dreams?   What I mean by this is we have all played that game at some point. “When I get my laptop I’ll start writing my book” is something I heard once. Which logically doesn’t make any sense, as you don’t need […]

Gotta strip it down to build it back up

We’ve all heard the analogy about Tiger Woods working on his golf swing in a different way.. getting worse for a bit, before then coming back with a vengeance to completely dominate… AND YES I’m talking pre being found out to be cheating on his wife, bless him.. BUT my point is you’ve bought into […]

Podcast Episode 5: Do You Truly Believe

I’ve always believed, from about the age of 5, that there was more to life that what I saw in my surroundings. I looked at my parents, their friends, adults at school and saw that life didn’t look as fun as it ought to be. Looking at those around me life seemed like it was […]

When to know when to travel

What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.. (aside from sharing with my Experiential Healing guys) BUT… All my life I wanted to travel and have adventures.. As a kid with my soft toys, with my Lego, with the pots on pans.. whatever I was playing with, it would digress within a sentence or 2 to, […]

I can’t adult today

If you’re still feeling like this after the full moon… just know you’re not alone 😛 Forget the “Hero’s Journey”.. what about the “Healers Journey”?! I say lol Just had a call with a potential coaching client. She’s been trying to avoid the truth of who she is for waaaay too long. I know it […]

Fear of rejection – 5 steps to taking action anyway

Are you scared of being rejected and you don’t even know it?   How many times (truly now!) have you adjusted your behaviour to accommodate another. YES your EGO right now is justifying to you and telling you all the reasons WHY it was in your best interest…     I GET IT!   YOU […]

Whatever you’re procrastinating over

Whatever you’re procrastinating over.. QUICK TIP: As you go to bed tonight. Ask whatever energies you believe in (Angels, Guides, Healing team…) and that can also be your subconscious mind.. AND ask to dissolve those parts of you that don’t feel good enough. ** Write down what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. Keep it simple. […]