Gotta strip it down to build it back up

We’ve all heard the analogy about Tiger Woods working on his golf swing in a different way.. getting worse for a bit, before then coming back with a vengeance to completely dominate… AND YES I’m talking pre being found out to be cheating on his wife, bless him.. BUT my point is you’ve bought into […]

Podcast Episode 4: Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots

Do you really believe someone who was so set in their ways can change?   Did you really understand their ways?   In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke we delve in to this very belief and I talk about how I understood the ‘spots’ I was seeing and the meanings I ascribed to […]

Podcast Episode 2: How Do I Find People to Be Authentic With

Are you comfortable being authentic with those around you?   How do you know if your desire to spend time alone or with people is right for you or not?   Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with and what do they earn?   Is what they earn even important to […]

Be kind to your darkness

What if you saw the darkest parts of you like this kitten in the picture? Would you feel more deserving then?   A part of you that just needs some love and attention…that’s all….   If you’re reading this… I KNOW one thing above all else that I could possible know about YOU…   You […]