Podcast Episode 4: Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots

Do you really believe someone who was so set in their ways can change?   Did you really understand their ways?   In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke we delve in to this very belief and I talk about how I understood the ‘spots’ I was seeing and the meanings I ascribed to […]

Podcast Episode 3: Loneliness

In this episode I dig deep about loneliness and what could cause you to feel lonely. This feeling is often assigned with those who are alone but you don’t have to be alone to feel that you are. You could be a party animal with loads of friends and in the midst of the rave […]

Podcast Episode 2: How Do I Find People to Be Authentic With

Are you comfortable being authentic with those around you?   How do you know if your desire to spend time alone or with people is right for you or not?   Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with and what do they earn?   Is what they earn even important to […]

Podcast Episode 1: Welcome To The Podcast

Podcast Episode 1: So I’ve finally released my self-awareness podcast! Why and what is this podcast all about?   Well aside from the huge clue in the line above :-P, this podcast is all about self-awareness but also helping you to become more aware of yourself and the things going on around you causing you […]

This morning I woke up in a foul mood

This morning I woke up in a foul mood. Now for me that isn’t the normal. I believe if you wake up in any space other than feeling aamzing to be alive then something needs addressing. Last night I was doing some remote work on someone who was giving a cliwnt issues and experienced a […]

Interpreting dreams

Last night I had a crazy ass dream! You know the kind where you wake up hours after your alarm, not knowing where you are and with dried dribble around your face and pillow… yeah “one of them ones” 😛   I was on some kind of metal bunk bed with a giant walrus trying […]

When to know when to travel

What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.. (aside from sharing with my Experiential Healing guys) BUT… All my life I wanted to travel and have adventures.. As a kid with my soft toys, with my Lego, with the pots on pans.. whatever I was playing with, it would digress within a sentence or 2 to, […]

Be kind to your darkness

What if you saw the darkest parts of you like this kitten in the picture? Would you feel more deserving then?   A part of you that just needs some love and attention…that’s all….   If you’re reading this… I KNOW one thing above all else that I could possible know about YOU…   You […]

Inner Child

By Iain Baines Inner Child Your inner child is an integral part of your whole being, Your inner child stores information and memories from the point of creation with this in mind, the fact that you are reading this would indicate that it is time to connect with your inner child. Your inner child seeks […]

Be all there

Signing off Facebook till Sunday! “WHEREVER YOU ARE, be all there” Jim Elliot Yesterday it popped into my head “shall I take my laptop??” And the answer I got very strongly was “Wherever you are be there” The funny thing is I don’t normally ask that question, everywhere I go, it goes with me. So […]