New Year Resolution

duke sayer one thing new year resolution

What’s your One Thing you’re going to differently this year?   The problem with most people is they get all excited (of course not you! :-P), set some new years eve goals set and then life kicks in. DON’T BE THAT PERSON!   Your brain is there to keep you safe, your job is to […]

Podcast Episode 10: Inspiration Not Motivation

With the New Year upon us I wanted to give you something special in this podcast. Something that will out do any New Years resolution set. Something that you will find useful throughout the year and throughout the rest of your life.   Most people think that its motivation that gets you moving, that gets […]

Podcast Episode 8: Are You Retreating Enough

In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke I talk about retreats and the importance of them. I’m not just talking about those retreats where you’re up at 0600 each morning to do yoga and juicing all day. Yeah they’re great but I’m referring to retreating from everyday life, often.   If you were to […]

What do you think is possible?

In this moment right NOW what do you think is possible? In 3 months… 6 months… a year…? One thing I’ve seen time and time again is that if it’s meant to be it will… as long as you take the steps toward it (whatver it is).. I.e. ACTION! Without needing to know the exact […]

Podcast Episode 6: What Dreams Are You Holding Off

What is it that you’re waiting for, for you to go after your dreams?   What I mean by this is we have all played that game at some point. “When I get my laptop I’ll start writing my book” is something I heard once. Which logically doesn’t make any sense, as you don’t need […]

Struggling to motivate yourself?

WOW that week flew by! 1 week off of Facebook and I have to say it felt amazing… BUT It feels eve more amazing to be back!   You see.. I’ve had a lot of people over the years say to me “it’s ok for you, you’re naturally motivated” and yes I won’t lie, I […]

Are you reaching your dreams?

Did you watch the McGregor VS Mayweather fight last night? Or were you too busy reaching your own dreams? A friend pointed something out to me today that I hadn’t noticed. I’m a Liverpool fan and I was watching the highlights of us thrashing Arsenal. When I say highlights.. I mean a 5 minute clip […]

The Struggle Was Always Real

THE STRUGGLE WAS ALWAYS REAL! I haven’t owned a TV in 8 years. I just never understood how people were able to fit into their day.. not to mention the mind control (for another day maybe! 😛) HOWEVER I acquired a TV as I was looking for a 2nd monitor for work purposes and was offered […]

Whatever you’re procrastinating over

Whatever you’re procrastinating over.. QUICK TIP: As you go to bed tonight. Ask whatever energies you believe in (Angels, Guides, Healing team…) and that can also be your subconscious mind.. AND ask to dissolve those parts of you that don’t feel good enough. ** Write down what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. Keep it simple. […]

have you become a peak state junkie?

Have you become a peak state junkie? Don’t fall into this trap!   I hear this from people all the time “Duke how can I get more motivated?”   “Well your lack of getting sh*t done likely comes from your “Not good enough” program as you’re so filled with fear with what people might think, […]