When to know when to travel

What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.. (aside from sharing with my Experiential Healing guys) BUT… All my life I wanted to travel and have adventures.. As a kid with my soft toys, with my Lego, with the pots on pans.. whatever I was playing with, it would digress within a sentence or 2 to, […]

Let it be

A beautiful poem by Aaron Le Conte We tend to our roots, So our leaves will grow, We accept the dark. So our light can flow What we cannot see, This is our shadow, It runs much deeper, Than we wish to know. Within this darkness, There is great power, If we knew how much, […]

Acknowledge Yourself

A beautiful share from Iain Feeling rather intense at the moment but in a good way had to write this 🙏❤️ Much have you endured my friends many are the tasks to complete. lessons are a plenty, Opportunities are prevalent far and wide, seek and ye shall find. knowledge to gain, growth to behold many are […]