Podcast Episode 9: Are You Using Coping Mechanisms

I’m not an advocate of using coping mechanisms to get shit done and/or to live day in and day out. Coping mechanisms are passed around like chewing gum in the self-development world and in the long run they’re not sustainable. They don’t solve the problem, they only deal with the symptoms in my eyes. I […]

Podcast Episode 3: Loneliness

In this episode I dig deep about loneliness and what could cause you to feel lonely. This feeling is often assigned with those who are alone but you don’t have to be alone to feel that you are. You could be a party animal with loads of friends and in the midst of the rave […]

Let’s talk about depression

Let’s talk about DEPRESSION. For many of you reading this… (which will most likely be all of you), you won’t have known me in my darkest days… I’ve met a lot of people, especially men in the last 6-12 months who have shared with me (i.e. let me in on their little secret) that they […]