Podcast Episode 7: How Can I See More

In today’s episode of Self Awareness with Duke I give you exactly what you need to see more in the spiritual realm. Most people think that they do this by opening up their third eye more and flushing out their pineal gland with some fancy diet. And that’s not the case #SorryExpertsAndGurus  :-P.   It […]

How long have you been grieving? Truly..

“How long should grief last Duke?” Is what I got asked last night on the Experiential Healing call. We were talking about embracing those feelings that are ever present popping up in our daily lives. Grief came up. Grief is a fascinating one. Most people who come to me often haven’t acknowledged that part of […]

I know how it feels

On my way back from another ManClub meetup and I can’t help as I look up at the moon, but feel appreciation 🙏 12 years ago I didn’t have a clue WHY everything was showing up in my life the way it was or HOW to change it! BUT as I reflect on tonight’s meetup… […]

The power is in your heart

After my talk on Saturday at Shamonis PMV, people were asking me what steps they could use to “see” more. Then yesterday after spending the day with my daughter, myself and Dilara had a coaching session with a couple. During that session without going into detail one of the couple had a healing and got […]