How long have you been grieving? Truly..

“How long should grief last Duke?” Is what I got asked last night on the Experiential Healing call. We were talking about embracing those feelings that are ever present popping up in our daily lives. Grief came up. Grief is a fascinating one. Most people who come to me often haven’t acknowledged that part of […]

Be courageous in love!

Today I met a girl. I looked into her eyes for 4 minutes and saw her innocence at the deepest level.   As I looked into her eyes, I saw her life.   She came to the UK as she had nothing to lose and wanted to fulfill her potential. She was doing a job […]

Still feeling judged?

Are you scared of being judged?   HAVE YOU EVER had people say shit about YOU and it hurt?   It’s cool, I get it. It’s a form of rejection, from the norm, from the pack, from the a place of uncertainty with less safety..   I’ll show YOU how to let that go […]

Can you have an awesome relationship and still get shit done?

Struggling to maintain your business and your relationships..?   I know there’s a few personal development events going on this weekend, maybe you’re single and part of your mind is looking at the opposite sex across the room in the event… hey, release the judgement we’ve all done it! 😉   BUT..   Do you […]

Meeting An Ex

I’ll be honest I didn’t get it at first! **and what I learnt meeting my ex** For those of you who haven’t been to Kidzania in Westfields, it’s a kids make believe town (although pretty real) where you can go to work, earn money and then spend it on activities… she’s currently earning money doing […]

Do you believe people can change?

Do YOU REALLY believe people can change? I ask you this question, as in this mix of the personal development world and seminar after seminar.. It can be hard to find the one’s who see change on a regular basis. WHY..?? Let me explain through an example. NOT so long ago an ex popped up […]