Podcast Episode 11: Interpreting Dreams

Now I’m usually an early bird and find that my sweet spot for waking up is 0500. However, this morning I woke up around 3/4 hours later. Have you ever had one of them mornings where you get up in this zombie like fashion, there’s dribble sliding down your face all over your pillow and […]

Podcast Episode 7: How Can I See More

In today’s episode of Self Awareness with Duke I give you exactly what you need to see more in the spiritual realm. Most people think that they do this by opening up their third eye more and flushing out their pineal gland with some fancy diet. And that’s not the case #SorryExpertsAndGurus  :-P.   It […]

Split Test Everything

Always be questioning, always be testing and always be feeling into your own truth. This is what Hampstead Heath looks like at 5am as the sun rises.. Over the last 10 years I’ve tested 100’s of diets, meditation techniques, spiritual/personal development protocols, workout methods, brain hacking, neurotransmitter optimisation.. you name it, I’ve tried it. NOT […]

High on Breathwork

Feeling so high right now! Just recorded 4 videos back to back on 4 different ways of using the breath to connect with your higher self and energise your human self! From tomorrow will be dropping phase 4 of the daily rituals series in my FB group “Self Awareness with Duke” Of all the /daily […]